People’s Party none of Peters’ business

On The Nation this morning Winston Peters did some more grumbling about the recently announced New Zealand People’s Party, saying he is utterly opposed to it.

So what? It’s none of his business whether anyone else wants to start up a new party or not.

Peters seems to be utterly opposed to existing parties too, like the Maori Party, United Future, the Green Party, the Mana Party. He seems to be utterly opposed to immigration. He seems to be opposed to anything that’s not him.

Newshub: New Zealand People’s Party is a ‘National Party front’ – Winston Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has lashed out again at the new Indian-led New Zealand People’s Party, accusing it of being a front for the National Party.

Speaking to TV3’s The Nation, Mr Peters accused the New Zealand People’s Party of trying to split the Labour vote in the Mt Roskill electorate, thus enabling National to win the seat.

Peters played parties, especially National and Labour, in the Northland by-election, enabling him to win. That’s called politics. Peters just doesn’t seem to like it when anyone else does it.

“It splits other party’s votes… They’re setting up a movement based on race and my party is utterly opposed to it.”

Any party can split other parties votes, that’s sort of a fundamental of politics and elections.

I don’t know if the New Zealand People’s Party is based on race. I haven’t seem them say anything about limiting membership to Indians or to immigrants. But they can try whatever they like.

The Winston movement is based on age (sort of, one of his key demographics is the Grey vote).

When the New Zealand Seniors Party was announced in June Peters also slagged them off – see Peters unimpressed with new ‘disgruntled pensioners’ party.

Peters seems to think he owns the grumpy old man vote.

What he may really be grumpy about regarding the expected Roskill by-election is that he is unlikely to have much influence there, especially if he bitches about immigrants daring to propose new parties.

But Winston being Winston anything that gives him a chance to stir up anti-immigration sentiment he will play as much as he can, even if there’s no short term gain for him.

Peters seems to have an arrogance that shows as petulance against any peasants if they threaten his role as king (maker).

Whoever is behind the People’s Party, and whoever they try to attract as members and voters, is none of Winston’s business.

Peters – kingmaker or King Cranky?

I had a brief hope that his win in Northland would give Winston Peters a new challenge in his old stomping ground, where he could work out his swan song for the good of his own people.

But it doesn’t appear that his focus was on one electorate. His reaction over the last couple of days is a confusion of king-maker and King.

He seems to think an electorate win in Northland means he can now call all the shots in Wellington.

And he seems to despise Johnny-come-lately Key holding the reins of power…

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says Prime Minister John Key is “acting like a spoilt brat” by saying he doubted Mr Peters would work constructively with National.

“I’m not going to have Mr Key roaring when his toys have been taken out of the cot, as they were last Saturday, making these sort of protestations. What you’re getting now is protestations of innocence and good faith which don’t exist. The National Party has not come to us.”

…along with anyone who might compete as king-maker.

Mr Peters’ win has meant National can no longer rely on only Act to pass legislation, giving increased influence to United Future’s Peter Dunne and the Maori Party.

However, Mr Peters said he had no intention of letting those parties flex their muscle. “I’ve made it very clear that we didn’t slog it out up north to have them in any way think they are going to be the beneficiaries of it. No way will Peter Dunne, the Act Party or Maori Party be allowed to behave in this way.”

NZ Herald

He’s going to somehow make Key work with him (by abusing him) and exclude the three parties with a proven willingness to work constructively with National?

Key isn’t going to roll over for Peters like Little did – talking about that, Labour seeks closer relationship with NZ First:

Little told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report on Tuesday that it had been weeks since he had met with Peters, but he intended to do so this week.

“As leader of the Opposition, it’s my job to forge as best a relationship as possible with all the parties,” he said.

“I’ve been working with the Greens and will work more closely with NZ First now the by-election is out of the way.”

Little got sucked in and spat out by Peters in Northland, and his response was to roll over thinking it would somehow benefit Labour. Peters will barely waste time sneering at that naivety.

He seems to think he’s not just Leader of the Opposition but also the newly anointed King (Cranky).

Of a very childish variety. His performance in Parliament today was farcical from his first word, which was “Boo!”

Key understands Peters far better than Little. Just after the by-election: Winston won’t play ball: Key

“For the most part, if we are in favour of something, he is opposed,” Mr Key said from Melbourne last night.

“We’re always more than happy to talk to him and we’ve tried in the past and we’re certainly happy to try in the future.”

But Mr Key was not hopeful.

He said Mr Peters had made a lot of commitments to the people of Northland during the by-election campaign.

“He has told them he is going to change their lives, so what I am telling him is that if he is really genuine about that, that it won’t happen through rhetoric, it will happen through action.

“If he wants to be part of that, then we are happy to work with him, but history tells you that that is not his strong suit.”

It’s not just history tells you that. Today in Parliament:

I’m not sure that’s the sort of message Northland meant. Peters acts like he’s too big for Parliament let alone one wee electorate in the far north.

It looks like just a game to him, and if today is any indication of his approach to his new responsibilities then he doesn’t want anyone else with the ball – except for a compliant media lobbing lollipop microphones in his direction.

Northland may have been sucked in as much as Little and Labour. How soon voters’ remorse?

Voodoo and madness of Pawn Patrick

While Matt Nippert at Sunday Star Times has broken a huge story detailing big money using bloggers to smear a Serious Fraud investigation – see All the financier’s men – Patrick Gower has an odd column in NZ Herald trying to talk up Winston Peters.

Patrick Gower: Voodoo and madness of King Winston

Welcome to the madness of King Winston.

In Winston’s World, John Key is a voodoo doll he stabs with a pin whenever he gets bored.

This week Winston Peters took a decent jab at the Prime Minister during an interview with me, accusing Judith Collins and her “bag man” of plotting to get rid of Key.

Key dismisses Peters as nutty; Collins, who resigned yesterday, calls him a liar; Peters starts talking in riddles.

Gower seems to have a touch of madness too. His big efforts this week have been a 3 News poll where he tried to talk it up Winston Peters as the king of the election – see Poor poll coverage by Gower and 3 News – and then he scored an interview with Winston Peters – Peters slams dirty politics, then gets dirty.

So while one of the biggest news stories of the year breaks without Gower or Peters at centre stage Gower’s big conclusion:

Peters is again the kingmaker acting like he is King. Key thinks he is the king. One thing is for sure – madness will ensue.

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Winston Peters. Over the 5 per cent threshold, and back as the centre of attention, where he’s happiest.

Message to Patrick – Peters is out of touch. So are you. Too obsessed with each others own importance.

The threshold claim only applies to the 3 News poll, in two other polls since that NZ First has been on 5.0 and 4.0 – that’s far less certain than Gower’s election result proclamations would suggest.

Why is Gower seemingly obsessed with the relevance of Peters?

In yesterday’s big news, the resignation of Judith Collins, someone actually produced an email as evidence. All Peters does is claim he’s right and that evidence will be forthcoming. Gower should know by now it rarely is.

In today’s big news there’s a mass of evidence in a large and serious story.

Gower is trying to claim Peters deserves a throne, two big heads colluding but there’s little headroom for a crown.

It’s just the madness of Pawn Patrick.



A Maori speaks on Maori, kings and things

From a comment on Kiwiblog:

Lloyd (39) Says:
September 20th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

If the so-called Maori king speaks, please note:
1) He is NOT the king of all Maori (and neither were any of his predecessors)
2) He is not offering a pan-Maori opinion
3) He is not the spokesman for all Maori

The same goes for David Rankin of Ngapuhi (the one who tried to claim the wind).

Ditto Margaret Mutu and other assorted self-appointed spokespeople.

Those who spew racist invective at any Maori pronouncement (especially some who react to this blog) should be aware that we do not speak with one voice, and nor do we want to.

Just because some nutbar jumps up and makes a stupid claim does not mean that we all espouse the same view.

In the same way, we do not assume that because you are of European descent, you are a clone of John Banks, Pastor Terry Jones (the guy who burnt the Koran), Stewart Murray Wilson or Ewan MacDonald. When I hear a European (yes, I use this to avoid offending those who don’t like ‘Pakeha’ as a title) speak, I do not automatically conflate them with the worst of the trash in my previous sentence. Do you?

The idiot outpourings of self-appointed speakers for so-called radicals embarass us as much as they embarass most of the rest of this country. However, when you react to demonise all Maori (and those who use the phrase ‘Hori’ in their invective are especially loathsome) for what some twat says, it undoes the good work so many of us are striving to do.

He ain’t my king, just as he ain’t yours.