Stern Ardern words on Australian treatment of ex-Kiwis

Jacinda Ardern had some stern words to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Sydney today over Australian treatment of ex-Kiwis living in Australia.


Beehive: PM’s remarks from joint stand-up with PM Morrison

But friendships aren’t just reaffirmed in times of tragedy, they must stand up to the test of politics. And in the face of politics, the New Zealand and Australia relationship is being tested.

We appreciate that many kiwis have taken up the opportunity to live and work in Australia – many more than has happened in reverse. Not every kiwi migrant will be perfect, but evidence shows that the vast majority are providing a net benefit to Australia. They earn more, are more likely to be employed and pay more tax than their Aussie-born counterparts – they are Australia’s best migrants. But rather than them being given security to keep contributing, in return their rights have been eroded.

Simple rights, like assistance from the national disability insurance scheme – even though they pay into the scheme’s levy. Or the ability to join the defence force, or become a federal civil servant. Kiwis want to contribute to the place that is now their home. But they’re not being given the potential to do that to the fullest.

Separate again is the issue of deportations. Australia is well within its rights to deport individuals who break your laws. New Zealand does the same. But we have a simple request. Send back kiwis, genuine kiwis – do not deport your people, and your problems.

I have heard countless cases of individuals who, on any common sense test, identify as Australians.

Just a few weeks ago I met a women who moved to Australia not much older than 1 year old. She told me that she had no connection to our country, but she had three children in Australia. She was in a crisis centre, having returned to a country she did not feel was her own. I have heard from those who work in our judiciary that they are seeing cases before our courts of individuals who are failing attempts to reintegrate and rehabilitate because the success of these programs is reliant on at least some network. These deportees have none.

I am not asking that Australia stops this policy- you have deported more than 2000 individuals and amongst them will be genuine kiwis who do have to learn the consequences of their actions. But amongst those 2000 are individuals who were too young to become criminals on our watch. They were too young to become patched gang members. Too young to be organised criminals. We will own our people. We ask that Australia stop exporting theirs.

hear Ardern here, and what Morrison.

Time will tell whether that makes any difference. I think probably not.

Great value sports weekend

What a great sport weekend.

I used to grizzle about the amount Sky insisted I pay for sports – actually not so much the sports but what they demanded you get and pay for that wasn’t sport and I didn’t want. And their streaming option was limited, poor value and technically poor. I kept cancelling my subscription between the seasons of things I particularly wanted to watch

Last year they improved their offerings somewhat, meaning I could get sport for $55 per month, $12-13 per week, not much more than half what they had previously charged.  On an average week I think this is reasonable value.

This weekend the value was very good, especially with a number of great results.

Of course for me Otago winning the Ranfurly Shield was a highlight.

Then I watched some of the women’s league test between New Zealand and Australia and the standard of play was impressive. Unfortunately a close loss.

Last night seeing a very different Kiwi league team impressively outplay the Kangaroos was great.  I hope they can keep up the standard.

This afternoon the Silver Ferns beat Australia, outplaying them also very impressively. This is a very different team to the disappointing one of the past year or two.

And I managed to also see some of the Breakers beat last year’s NRL champions Melbourne, with a bit of an eye on Southland losing again to finish their season winless.

I also fitted in some golf, with both the PGA and LPGA on yesterday (but weirdly the final day of the LPGA was not on today).

I even managed to some work outside. I’m not much good with a golf stick but not bad with a chain saw and slasher.

And I also watched some free streaming, seeing two games of the Roller Derby finals weekend (not great results for the Gallow Lasses though).

So some excellent surprise results and plenty of variety. Very good value.

New Zealand “the last resort” in a hell-hole of a world

Winston Peters appears to be making things up to try and score political hits, again. This time he is making unsubstantiated claims about the motives of New Zealanders returning from Australia.

peters also describes New Zealand as the last resort in a hell hole of a world.

Mr Grumpy has a dark view of things here and everywhere. It’s sad to see him running our country down so much in order to apparently pander to the ‘pox on them all’ pessimists.

In Kiwis second-class in Australia – Peters at Newshub Peters attacks Australia for the way it treats New Zealanders living there.

“Over there, New Zealanders can’t access ACC, health, welfare and other benefits,” he said.

“They have less rights than immigrants to Australia from Iraq, the UK, Bangladesh, Europe or Indonesia and all other countries as a result of the 2001 arrangement when Australia put its foot down on immigrants using New Zealand as a back door to Australia.”

That’s valid criticism. But he cites this as the reason why “most Kiwis are coming home”:

The NZ First leader says most of the Kiwis coming home are returning because they’re being treated as second-class citizens in Australia.

That sounds like made up bull. I don’t expect that Peters can substantiate that – he probably won’t try. He has a long record of making up claims.

My guess is that most Kiwis who leave Australia do so because of the economic downturn in Australia and the lack of available jobs. In the main it was jobs that attracted them to Australia as a place to live in the first place.

Mr Peters thinks it’s more to do with the way they’re treated by Australian governments, and he doesn’t believe those who come here from other countries are expressing a vote of confidence in New Zealand, as Mr Key has said.

More bollocks. To many people New Zealand is a very attractive part of the world to live in. That’s one reason why we have strong immigration numbers, something Peters is critical of.

“Wrong. Much of the world is a hell hole from which many are trying to escape,” he said.

“We are the last choice for many after first being rejected by the UK, Canada and Australia, and the US – New Zealand is the last resort.”

It’s sad to see a prominent Member of the New Zealand Parliament describing New Zealand as the last resort in a hell-hole of a world.

See the real reasons for the movement of Kiwis to and from Australia: Aus effect on NZ immigration numbers

New Zealanders can leave Christmas Island

After all the rhetoric and outrage last week (and possibly in part because of it), New Zealanders being detained on Christmas have a choice – stay there or return to New Zealand. After the riot there wil be more incentive to get out of there.

So some are choosing to return to New Zealand.

NZ Herald reports: Kiwis prepare to return from Christmas Island

Prime Minister John Key say more than 10 New Zealand-born criminals being detained by Australia on Christmas Island are preparing to return to New Zealand within days to continue their appeal against deportation.

“I think the message has got through that they actually can go and register their appeals from New Zealand,” he told reporters in Hanoi last night. [SUBS MONDAY NIGHT] “The number is moving around a little bit so I probably wont put a number on it but it is certainly more than 10 is the number, I have been advised.”

They will be returned on a flight chartered by the Australian Government.
It might be bit longer than a couple of days away “but not a lot longer,” Mr Key said.

He said he had just been in text contact last night with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the G20 in Turkey which Mr Turnbull is attending, and about catching up at Apec in Manila.

So Key does quietly advocate for New Zealanders abroad after all. Kelvin Davis may acknowledge this in Parliament or via his media sources.

While New Zealand was putting pressure on Australia to hasten its procedures for appeal or repatriation the New Zealand to appeal, the delay lay partly in New Zealand’s end as well, because it wanted new laws to monitor deportees, which they had no legal right to do if they had completed their sentence, and in an Australian prison to boot.

Mr Key said Parliament would today consider a bill under urgency that ensured that Corrections and Police had the ability to conduct “proper oversight” of people who came back.

“These are, as I have pointed out in the past, some quite dangerous people potentially and we have a responsibility toe ensure we protect New Zealanders as best we can and that the oversight provision are the same as if the person had been in a New Zealand Corrections facility.”

The Government was slow to get this legislation going, having known about this issue since the beginnikng of the year. But it’s important it is in place before potentially dangerous ex-prisoners return to New Zealand.

From the missing million? “23 Times Kiwis Didn’t Give A Single F*ck”

From Buzzfeed: 23 Times Kiwis Didn’t Give A Single F*ck

Seriously the most carefree nation in the world.

It’s worth looking through all of them. I recognise quite a few. Here’s the first:

1. When these guys didn’t want to pay for removalists.

An example of poor footwear choice here in New Zealand.

The comment is as funny as the photo. This one is a bit over the top but I’ve seen quite a few interesting modes of moving furniture here in Dunedin’s Scarfyville. Carting mattresses on top of cars is not uncommon.

And another that I remember from Scarfyville:

8. When the cops need a break

How the New Zealand police deal with drunk university/college students….

The expression of the older cop on the right is classic.

More at 23 Times Kiwis Didn’t Give A Single F*ck