More on Labour camp allegations

Following Allegation of sexual misconduct at Young Labour camp – more on this story is likely to emerge today.

The biggest issues seem to be why the police weren’t involved, why alcohol was supplied to under age people, and why didn’t Jacinda Ardern know anything about it until yesterday (her claim) while the Labour Party general secretary had known about it for a month.

RNZ round up from yesterday: PM investigating reports of sexual assault at Labour event

Tim Murphy has just been interviewed by RNZ – and he says that a senior Labour Cabinet Minister knew about it – but apparently not Ardern.

There also seems to have been concerned reactions from some parents, who only found out about the incidents when the news broke yesterday.

Ardern has no problem with Kirton not telling her. She waffles about this, around disclosure in preparation for media questions.

She says that Kirton acknowledges that it took too long to deal with the issue.

She fudges around the Cabinet Minister knowing but not informing her.

She acknowledges the party was at fault for being slow to deal with it. There was a three week lag between the camp and measures being taken to deal with it.

“Let me give you the reason why. The party president did know, we made s…Andrew Kirton made sure that he was aware, the senior vice president and the general secretary, this was a party function so the senior members of the party knew. The advice they had from those who specialise in this area, and we are not experts, was to be mindful of the wider circle who was aware in order to make sure they were protecting victims and acting in the best interest of victims.”

She is saying that senior members of the party knew, at least one senior Cabinet Minister knew, but she knew nothing.

Ardern sounds like she knows more about how this all played out, she rephrased her responses a number of times, and switched from ‘we’ to them.

Ardern is clear that the 20 year old who assaulted four 16 year olds was not a party member, but she says she doesn’t know details about their identity.

Ferguson: let’s just talk a little bit about this particular twenty year old, who is the twenty year old, is he a Labour Party staffer?

Ardern: No. No.

Ferguson: Is he a Labour party member?

Ardern: No. No.

Ferguson: Why was he at the summer camp?

Ardern: Good question. Very good question.

Ferguson: So you don’t know why this person was at the summer camp if he was not a member of the Labour Party?

Ardern: I believe he was associated with someone who was, but again I don’t know much beyond that.

I expect there will be more of this story to come out.