@Laudafinem splutters again

I don’t usually bother about what @Laudafinem is doing, they block me which suits because I’m not interested in what they are trying to do.

But someone alerted me to them having a dirty splutter at me last week so I checked,  and saw that they must follow things closely here. Someone had mentioned them in a comment in relation to the Stephen Dudley case, and they reacted.


Very funny, but probably unintentional.

They did make some valid points about the Dudley case, but as is typical they went way over the top with baseless allegations and conspiracy theories, and couldn’t do anything about it.

The LF website may have been sometimes right but their reputation is mostly for being malicious, defamatory nut job conspiracy theorists and gutless anonymous cowards.

In another tweet the named four people, saying “one by one they’ve all fallen to LF’s sword – as will the others​ you’ve backed “.

LF are like waving a paper sword in the rain – they can’t front (or won’t) front up in a New Zealand jurisdiction because of the legal jeopardy their actions have put themselves into. All they can do is rant anonymously from somewhere on the other side of the world. I presume this is why they seem to have been 100% wrong about overturn the legal shut down of their website – they can’t front up without putting themselves at risk.

They also tweeted:


My ‘kiwi cabal’ is one of their conspiracy theories. They have accused me of working for and  the GCSB, the police, business people, bloggers, media and journalists when all i do is independently run a blog.

Truth and LF are only occasional acquaintances. And they react badly when I expose the truth about them – they tend to get more ludicrous with their claims and accusations.

I believe that @laudafinem may be operated by an Antony Nottingham from the Netherlands – I haven’t seen that denied by them.

They often contradict their own claims – they say they have no New Zealand connections, but have often bragged about informants and associations.

@MarcSpring still openly associates with them on Twitter, is still the registrant of laudafinem.co.nz, and posts and comments on their website often sounded very similar to his style – I got to know and recognise his MO when he commented here under various pseudonyms.

Spring’s aim was to shut this site down because he didn’t like being exposed, or because he is just malicious.

He had help from Dermot Nottingham and Cameron Slater was also involved, but I presume now that Slater is getting good legal advice he has distanced himself from these legal idiots. Spring filed a court against me and this site in 2015 but failed to follow basic procedures set down by the Harmful Digital Communications Act, used law that didn’t come into effect until a year later, and was thrown out as soon as this was advised to the Court.

See Court order discharged – that was one that LF got 100% wrong – in fact they have been closer to 100% wrong about a lot of things from what I’ve seen.

(Dermot) Nottingham also tried a private prosecution against me – see Notice: Private Prosecution – another 100% failure.

LF have tried to dig dirt on me but failed, hence they resorted to making things up. Which makes it likely a lot of other things they have claimed are made up. And they have dug themselves into a legal hole – if they ever find a way out of that there are likely to be quite a few lawyers ready to act.

So they are left ranting in a small dark corner where very few notice, and then splutter when exposed.

They failed to comprehend that ‘justice campaigners’ actually need to understand how justice works, and what is just. They may have had some good intentions sometimes, but they are just idiots, albeit malicious ones.

They are usually best ignored but sometimes I think it’s worth confronting their bull and their bullying.

They could take note their own message – “tell the truth or eventually someone will tell it for you” – but may not get it. They are more likely to just splutter again. Fools in futility.

Follow up to Lauda Finem

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post Lauda Finem and associates.

I’ve had quite a bit of support for collating and publishing information that many have talked about in parts for some time. Thanks.

I’ve had some cautionary advice. Thanks for that too. I’m aware there are risks, but I feel that the risks are justified by the need for it to be aired. For the public good.

I believe that what I have said is soundly based on facts. I could have said much more, and I hope that much more will be said, but most of that can wait, and some must wait.

What I didn’t say that is that material recently posted at Lauda Finem looks like it could only have come from Cameron Slater or close asociates at Whale Oil, and other information posted recently at Lauda Finem looks like it could only have come from [Precautionary delete] or close associates of his. At least, in both cases, it’s hard to think of alternate sources who would know the detail in posts.

I’ll leave yesterday’s post as it is for a while, unless I am informed of any inaccuracies that require correcting. Then I may add information to build a reference.

The only claim of inaccuracies that I’m aware of was this trweet:

Old news , unfortunately it’s also wrong, but again you’ll get to find that out; thanks anyway for confirming your contacts.

Them claiming something is wrong is as credible as them claiming something is right – backed up by nothing. There are many peoeple who have been targets of their tweets or posts who will be aware of how much they make up, how much they embellish, distort and lie.

By @Laudafinem standards their reaction was very lame and then stopped. That could mean they are busy working on their next hit job, or someone has finally woken up to how self damaging they were, or whatever.

And, I find this really quite funny:

You are blocked from following @Laudafinem and viewing @Laudafinem’s Tweets.

I’m not sure what that means. All I did was respond to a coulpe of their tweets politely and ‘like’ a couple of their tweets.

What prompted me to take the step of yesterday’s post?

The post on Lauda Finem on Thursday targeting me was also relatively lame same old, except for publishing a photo of my house with the full address. While it’s not difficult to get this information online that had nasty implications. See Death threats before attack. 

Like me Matthew Blomfield has been on the receiving end of the attention from some of those named yesterday. One is subject to a restraining order. (Note – no motive has been revealed for that attack.)

Last month @laudafinem tweeted:

Keep digging another couple of feet and you’ll have reached the magic six

In July my photo was included in a “dirty dozen” in a post at Lauda Finem. In August they did an attack post on me.

So Thursday’s post wasn’t a major.

But the post they did on Tuesday was what caused me to reassess my caution in what I posted about them. In that they attacked someone who was simply a commenter on Your NZ who had done nothing…except criticise some of those I named yesterday.

Some of Frankie’s criticisms date back to when she had clashes with Cameron Slater and his associates at Whale Oil over a year ago.

And I recongnised something familiar, because I believe that some of the reason why Lauda Finem et al have targeted me has links to clashes I had with Slater eighteen months ago. There are indications that Slater has had an involvement with others in various actions against me.

That it appeared that these same people would bear grudges and mount despicable attacks on people who just happen to get involved in the rough and tumble of blog commenting concerned greatly.

And it became obvious that they were not going to stop at the hit post on Tuesday. @Laudafinem continued.

On Saturday afternoon (NZ time) @Laudafinem tweeted something that was quite nasty directed at Frankie, and I’m fairly sure it was based on information that wasn’t discovered by someone on their own in Amsterdam.

So I warned them.

. If you persist on Twitter I’ll start to name all of you each time you attack unreasonably or lie. Your choice.

. Not joking. Your stalking, smearing, defaming, abusing, intimidating threatening and lying is going to be challenged more.

They ignored that. Early Sunday morning they tweeted:

Nice that you allowed WMD to change his moniker, makes it just that much easier when the IP addresses are subject to subpoena

Another threat of legal action. And it is based on what appears to be a completely false assumption about ‘WMD’.

So I wrote and posted Lauda Finem and associates, which I believe is based on facts (mostly) and honest opinion.

Why has no one gone to this extent before? Probably because of the threats and intimidation and abuse and defamation that would be likely to result. And possibly years of court action.

But I decided that people like Frankie and WMD, just ordinary peoeple comenting on Your NZ, should be somehow protected from this small gang on online bullies and thugs.

They seem to believe they could act with impunity. As some have said they may not be as protected from New Zealand law as they think their offshore hosting gives them.

But the process of law is slow. It takes months and often years to deal with things. That involves important processes that take time.

But it doesn’t deal well with online actions that can happen daily, or hourly.

So I chose to try an online solution – sunlight. These bullies have gone to great lengths to avoid having those responsible for their actions identified. But sooner or later that was going to fall aprt for them.

What now?

They have gone quiet for the last 24 hours, but that means little.

They could front up and accept responsibility, but I think they have been cowards too long to do that.

They could and should take the Lauda Finem website down, because that abuses and defames many many people. It is a disgrace, it is despicable, and the many victims of their attention deserve to know who was responsible.

And the threats of legal action threatened by @Laudafinem and laudafinem.com? If any action is taken who would do that?

I think we can be confident the Amsterdam police won’t be interested.

If the New Zealand police investigate I have a lot of information that may be of interest to them.

@Laudafinem go from dirty to despicable

@Laudafinem keep showing how you can’t take any of their claims seriously. They continue to niggle away on Twitter, and continue to shoot their credibility in the foot. And their latest tweets lower their dirt level to despicable, now threatening family who have nothing to do with this.

Two tweets yesterday:

To fully appreciate how the “Wolf” has turned @althecat read the extraordinarily inept assessment of @PeteDGeorge: Westpac Privacy Statement on information disclosure

And then:

Since when @PeteDGeorge has comment been stalking? You publish crap, we highlight said crap. Your disdain for criticism is however obsessive

The irony in that is laughable. As is their attempts to discredit you, participants at Your NZ. Anyone associated with criticism of them can become a target of their smearing. Look at this cluster of crap:

That’s the nature of much of their so-called “highlight said crap”.

They’ve claimed and implied several times that I have an issue with drinking. They have simply made that up. Many of their accusations are made up, on Twitter, and at Lauda Finem where their long winded posts are little more than pissing into a foul wind, with most of it blowing back on themselves.

And likening me to Prentice is a joke (except [Deleted as per court order] sounds like he believes his own nonsense) – I’m not a sysop and have never claimed to be one. Prentice and I are as dissimilar as Lauda Finem and credibility.

Even their Twitter profile is obvious bull that is at odds with other claims.


Occasionally they tweet on Australian issues but 90%+ of their attention is on New Zealand, and probably half of that lately has been on their obsession with me and Your NZ. And virtually all their blog posts have an New Zealand focus.

They repeated this claim recently:

We will say it once more, for the last time! Lauda Finem is a foreign based blog, it is not and never has been based in New Zealand or any of it’s territories.

Everything LF publishes we do so quite legally, no different to any other foreign news source. Moreover LF is NOT a party to any legal proceeding in New Zealand whatsoever, nor is any member of team LF, again all members live outside New Zealand, always have, always will.

That could be partially factual, depending on how you define ‘Team LF’. Sure the blog is hosted overseas (so is Your NZ for that matter). And there are indications that their claims of being based in the Netherlands could be correct. But beyond one person there who is in the team?

The above Twitter thread is typical of tag team stalking and smearing, and I’m fairly sure [Deleted as per court order] lives in New Zealand – he recently announced on Facebook he had changed jobs in Auckland. He also claims on Facebook that he’s a Justice Campaigner, how he can be that and “NOT a party to any legal proceeding in New Zealand whatsoever” I’m not sure. In fact I am certain that he is.

There’s more blatant bull in their claims and more to their team that will come out in due course when it can be revealed. Please don’t attempt to do this now.

And they have just taken their dirty to another low.

LaudaFinemDirtyPlusThe first tweet just a typically stupid smear.

The second is a despicable threat. What I do online has nothing whatsoever to do with my wife. Of course if I self funded any election campaign my wife has “jointly funded” it. She has also supported that.

But it has nothing at all to do with @LaudaFinem’s dirty campaign against me now.

It appears to be yet another attempt to harass and intimidate me.  They’ve been attacking me for three months now. And they have been attacking Your NZ and you who participate here. And failed to shut me up or shut us up. So now they are resorting to family threats. Dirty, despicable and desperate.