Green policy wins leaked

As soon as the new government was confirmed the Greens started leaking.

Here are their probable portfolios, and this is The Greens’ 10 big policy gains:

1. Climate action

“Significant climate action, with a shift towards a net zero carbon emissions economy by 2050” and the establishing of an independent climate commission. This would include shifting farms to “more sustainable land use” and a focus on transport, energy and primary industries.

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2. Beneficaries

The welfare system will be overhauled. Specific promises include ensuring access to entitlements, removing “excessive sanctions” and reviewing Working for Families “so that everyone has a standard of living and income that enables them to live in dignity”.

3. Conservation

“Significant gains in the conservation budget.”

4. Water

Improve water quality and fund “freshwater enhancement”. Government support for irrigation will be wound down.

5. Mental health

Free counselling for under-25s and access to mental health services for everyone.

6. Special needs

Access to education for children with learning difficulties.

7. Gender pay gap

“Substantial progress” to closing the gender pay gap in the public service.

8. Students

Reducing the number of students living in hardship.

9. Refugees

Review, as well as “adequately fund and support” refugees under the family reunification scheme.

10. Drugs

A referendum on legalising the personal use of cannabis by 2020. Funding for drug and alcohol addiction services will be increased.

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3 News uses and abuses leaked sales data

I think this is a disgraceful use of and abuse of the leaked real estate data – 3 News had obtained the data and has been visiting the addresses of Chinese sounding people they got off the list.

Like Labour they proved little except a lack of care about privacy for a bit of cheap publicity.

Door knocking Labour’s ‘Chinese-sounding’ names

Some of the people with Chinese-sounding names used by Labour to attack offshore buyers have been visited by 3 News.

They didn’t add anything useful to the story or issues, all they did was use data that they knew had been wrongly leaked to breach people’s privacy.

If any of those people felt harassed I hope they complain.

I think this is appallingly irresponsible of 3 News.

UPDATE: Tova O’Brien has responded on Twitter:

Didn’t do it off leaked data, used B&T’s market reports. Public on their website.

I can’t find names and addresses of sales, addresses only. I’ve asked Tova for a link.