Lime in Dunedin

I received a lime tree for Christmas. I’m not sure how well it will grow here in Dunedin, but lemons do ok if you protect young trees from frost, so it is worth trying.

But different limes are arriving here today – ODT: Lime time here for Dunedin

Dunedin has officially joined the Lime scooter craze as 300 e-scooters hit the streets this morning.

From today, Dunedin will join Auckland, Christchurch and Hutt City as part of the United States company’s New Zealand fleet.

Unlike in Christchurch and Auckland, Lime would not be paying a fee to operate in the city, as it did not require a permit.

In Dunedin, two wheels good, four wheels bad, so this encouragement isn’t a surprise.

The company has hired about 30 employees, both full-time and part-time, to run the service in the city.

That’s a lot of employees, about ten per scooter, but it isn’t clear what hours they will work.

As I understand it employees collect scooters where they are left and charge them. Or are the contractors? I think that elsewhere they are paid per collection/charge.

In the six weeks after the New Zealand service became available last year, more than 500,000 trips were taken by 150,000 different riders, according to figures released by the company.

Time will tell if the become ‘a craze’ here or not.

I wonder how well they will go up Stuart Street, or High Street, or View Street. And I wonder how many are tested out on Baldwin Street. Brakes would be more important than uphill grunt.

There were also nearly 300 ACC claims for injuries sustained while using the scooters in the same period.

That shouldn’t be a problem here, a new hospital is planned to be built in the next ten years or so.

Key details:

  • Phone app used to locate a scooter and hire
  • $1 to hire plus 30 cents a minute
  • Helmets recommended but not compulsory
  • Allowed on roads, footpaths, separated cycle lanes and shared paths
  • Not allowed on dedicated (painted) cycle lanes

That last one is likely to be ignored given that they are allowed to be used just about everywhere else including footpaths.