USA – burning from the bottom, flaming from the top

As the smouldering from the bottom of US society erupts into riots and burning, again, about all they get from the top is blaming and flaming on Twitter from a flaming idiot.

Evidence that there’s a fine line between a civil society and anarchy is apparent in the United States of America who show society there is far from united. Another police killing of a black man has precipitated days of riots across the country, again. Nothing much seems to have changed since the last time, and the time before.

One of the most divisive presidents ever has talked tough but is largely impotent. People with long standing grievances and opportunist anarchists and if some claims are correct countries trying to incite mayhem couldn’t care less what a twit on Twitter says.

Order from anarchy?

The circle-A is almost certainly the best-known present-day symbol for anarchy. It is a monogram that consists of the capital letter “A” surrounded by the capital letter “O”.

The letter “A” is derived from the first letter of “anarchy” or “anarchism” in most European languages and is the same in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts. The “O” stands for order and together they stand for “society seeks order in anarchy” (French: la société cherche l’ordre dans l’anarchie), a phrase written by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in his 1840 book What Is Property?

I haven’t seen any sort of order emerge from riots and anarchical outbursts, and Donald trump certainly doesn’t seem capable of doing anything to repair the damage he has done in three and a half years let alone centuries of racism and oppression.

Of course there’s no justification in opportunist looting and destruction of property, but it’s what happens when authority is challenged and put under severe pressure.

As usual blame has been spread across the political spectrum. It’s a complex situation with many emotions and motivations involved, but it’s normal for humans to blame people or groups they don’t like for problems and ignore or make excuses for those they are sympathetic to.

The greatest blamer and divider ever is as bad as ever.

Blaming everything on ‘the media’ is getting lamer, and calling oneself GREAT on Twitter doesn’t make oneself so, especially when his country is in chaos.

Perhaps trump thinks that media shouldn’t have reported on another killing by cop. the media didn’t kneel on a handcuffed defenceless man’s neck for up to eight minutes, until he died.

“The World is watching and laughing at you…” is typical flaming and blaming, but at this time I don’t think the world is laughing even at Trump, more like shaking their collective head in despair at how poorly a supposedly strong nation deals with this crap.

In the short term force of law will prevail, but it is unlikely that anything much will be resolved, especially with the moral vacuum at the top.