Craig v Slater – witness revelations

The new witness has been allowed to give evidence in Craig v Slater – it is a lawyer who was acting for Craig on a separate matter, but who was also a friend of Slater’s.

Slater used information given to him in confidence by the lawyer to attack Craig, based on incorrect assumptions.

Stuff: Colin Craig’s lawyer was source for Cameron Slater

Cameron Slater used a lawyer acting for Colin Craig as a source for publishing allegations Craig was in an improper relationship with more than one woman.

Madeleine Flannagan was an Auckland lawyer working on an application by Craig and his wife to adopt a child in 2015.

She had also been friends with Cameron Slater for around 11 years.

Flannagan said she became concerned about allegations in the media, driven by Slater, that Craig had sexually harassed his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor. She was worried about how it would affect the Craigs’ adoption application.

In June 2015, Flannagan phoned Slater asking him what other information he had, saying she could not disclose who her client was and the conversation must remain confidential.

However, Slater inferred from the phone call that Flannagan was a lawyer acting on behalf of a victim of Craig’s, and then used her as the source for allegations he published on Whaleoil that Craig had a “second victim”.

Slater’s lawyer Brian Henry argued Craig was using Flanagan to find out how much information Slater had.

“Do you agree that Mr Craig was using you to try and find out what Mr Slater knew?” he asked.

“Well it was my idea to ring Cameron,” Flannagan said. “I don’t think Mr Craig even knew I had that relationship.”

Subsequently both parties tried to rope her into defamation proceedings.

When Slater was recalled to the witness box by Henry, he said he found it difficult to describe his current relationship with Flannagan.

“I’m just lost for words at the betrayal of someone I considered a friend.

“If I knew she was a lawyer for Mr Craig I would have never spoken to her. This entire allegation would never have come out but for the deception placed upon me.”

Justice Kit Toogood asked Slater: “You say you felt betrayed, but did you not betray her express injunction that this [conversation] cannot go anywhere else?”

“I did dance around on that but I guess technically I did,” Slater said.

There could be a bit more dancing around of different kinds now this has come out.

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