“If the Greens were a Mafia family…”

Chris Trotter has written some odd stuff recently, and his latest post at his Bowalley blog is no exception.

A Green Offer National Couldn’t Refuse

THERE ARE PEOPLE in the Labour Party who take an almost forensic interest in the Greens. They can discourse at length on the “fundi/realo split”; “Deep Green” versus “Red Green”; and whether the electorally perilous potential of “Blue Green” will ever be realised.

Labour’s ongoing surveillance of the Greens should not, however, be compared to the twitcher’s hobby of watching birds. Labour’s interest in the intricacies of green politics is much more akin to the FBI’s interest in the intricacies of the Mafia. Agents may be able to rattle off the names of the heads of the Five Families; which gangsters are on the way up; and where the gangsters who used to be on the way up are buried; but this does not mean that the FBI loves or admires the Mafia. Far from it! The FBI is interested in the Mafia only because it intends to destroy it.

So Labour = FBI, Greens = Mafia.

He goes on.He includes this insight into Labour’s problems.

Labour’s problem may be summed up in two words: proportional representation.

I don’t think so. They would have been likely to have stuff up their rebuild after Clark left and gone through leaders blaming them with or without MMP. Labour’s main problem is that voters have thought they would make a crap government. It’s been a several leaders, three caucuses that have hardly changed and party problem.

Trotter concludes:

The same Mr Shaw’s adroit handling of the Red Peak flag issue in the House last week will not have lessened Labour’s forensic interest in the Greens’ ultimate intentions. His parliamentary “deal” with National, relatively insignificant though it may have been, was seen by Labour as an alarming portent of things to come.

If Labour operated like the Mafia it would know exactly what to do. Without seeking permission, Jimmy “The Business” Shaw, and his Green Gang, made approaches to a rival family.

Huh? Labour = Mafia now?

I guess Labour can be anything they like as long as they can blame someone else.

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If the Greens were a Mafia family, Labour would be “going to the mattresses” over Red Peak.

Matt Nippert Retweeted CHRIS TROTTER and added:

If punditry was a Hollywood comedy road trip, Trotter would be “Lloyd Christmas” to Bomber’s “Harry Dunne”.

I think that’s funny, and I don’t even know who Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne are. I’ll find out and update the post.

Thanks grantaviuskennarius for saving me searching. Here they are:

Dumb & Dumber (1994) Poster