Genter talk with school pupils “inspiring and positive”

Many of us will have seen media reports of speeches or events we have witnessed, or interviews we have taken part in, differ from our own impressions.

Here is one example:

The Stuff item (22 March):  Minister for Women says old white men should ‘move on’ from company boards

Women’s Minister Julie Anne Genter says old white men need to “move on” from company boards to help close the gender pay gap.

Speaking to students at Christchurch’s Cobham Intermediate School on Thursday, Genter said the private sector needed to address the low level of female representation on New Zealand company boards if more businesses were to be led by women.

About 85 per cent of board members were male, and many were “old white men in their 60s”.

That part of Genter’s talk is unlikely to have been of much interest to a 12 year old girl.

Genter went to Cobham to visit 10-year-old Maia Devereaux, who sent the minister a pay equity petition after a class project on what a utopian society might look like.

I can understand a 12 year old being peeved about being referred to as 10 years old.

Maia said it was hard for her 40-odd signatories to refuse when the gender pay gap was presented to them on paper.

“I didn’t really have people who said no but I think there are people out there who would.”

I think that most people would agree with the principle of pay equity.