Turnbull on Key

New Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull praised John Key in some of his post-coup comments.

From Stuff in Tony Abbott rolled as Australian Prime Minister by Malcolm Turnbull:

Turnbull reserved special praise for New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key.

“My firm belief is that to be a successful leader … you have to be able to bring people with you by respecting their intelligence in the manner you explain things,” Turnbull said.

“We’ve got some great leaders in Australia at state level but let me just point to one internationally, John Key, for example.

“John Key has been able to achieve very significant economic reforms in New Zealand by doing just that, by taking on and explaining complex issues and then making the case for them. And I, that is certainly something that I believe we should do and Julie and I are very keen to do that again.”

It sounds like Australian/New Zealand political relations should not be damaged by the leadership change.

However there is one minor difference. From 1993 to 2000 Turnbull was chairman of the Australian Republican Movement and was active in an unsuccessful 1999 referendum campaign to establish an Australian republic.

Key likes the Monarchy…

“I don’t think New Zealand should rush to become a republic. It may happen one day, but I can’t for the life of me see the benefits of it other than you get to spend a lot of money electing heads of state as opposed to the government appointing one.”

…and in 2009 restored knighthoods and damehoods to the New Zealand Honours system.

But this shouldn’t cause any tension between Turnbull and Key as monarchy versus republic is a domestic issue.