Harrowing stories from male sexual abuse survivors

The extent of male sexual abuse in New Zealand is gradually emerging, and it is as horrifying as female sexual abuse.

There has been a lot of world wide publicity given to abuse within the Catholic Church, but that is only a part of the dirty iceberg of abuse that has been happened for a long time, and has been largely hidden from view.

Survivors are starting to speak out and reveal the horrors and the long term affects. This is important in showing other victims that they are not alone.

ODT have done a lot on investigating and reporting local Catholic abuse – see

They have widened their revelations – NZ’s sexual trauma story: ‘We have failed to protect our children’ – In the finale of the series, peer support worker Paul Davenport and Males Survivors Aotearoa national advocate Ken Clearwater talk about New Zealand’s path to ‘owning’ how badly it has ‘failed to protect children’.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Why did 10 men sit down and tell their harrowing story of sexual trauma to our cameras? Because they all thought they were the only one. But they want others to know that they are not alone.

One in six boys will be sexually abused before they are 18.  In this CTV video series, 10 men have told their stories. All grew up believing they were the only ones it had happened to. Now they want other victims to know they are not alone and, if they are ready, help is there for them.

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Tone Miller, Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Dunedin/Invercargill: 0211987878.