UK – the murder of Sgt Matiu Ratana

Missy has posted from the UK on the murder of Sgt Matiu Ratana at Croydon Police station.

Hi All, Yes it is yet another (very rare) post from the UK.

This week we have moved on from COVID (sort of) and have other stories. For those interested I will summarise most of what has been happening in the UK over the last few months in a series of posts for all.

First, one of the main stories early this week was the murder of Sgt Matiu Ratana at Croydon Police station. This has shocked everyone on a number of levels, mostly though because it happened in what should be a (relatively) safe area for police.

There has been a lot of comment on this, and whilst the Met Police have not officially commented until the investigation and internal inquiry have been completed, many former police have been happy to comment publicly. One former police officer said that full searches are unable to be undertaken in public (ie: outside police stations), so when he was arrested he would have been patted down, but not searched, and as it appears the weapon was hidden in an intimate area they would not have found it at arrest.

The suspect was handcuffed, some media are suggesting behind the back but my understanding is that the handcuff in the front now as it is less stressful for the person being handcuffed (I could be wrong, I heard that third hand).

The suspect had just had his temperature taken for COVID check, and was about to be searched with a metal detector to check for weapons when he pulled the gun, he shot Sgt Ratana five times before shooting himself. The suspect has been named, and was apparently ‘good with weapons’ as well as being on the terrorist watch list.

His death, on first look and information provided so far, appears to have been due to a failure in police procedure.

The High Commissioner for NZ laid a wreath today in his memory, and a condolence book has been opened.