A bitter old blogger

Cameron Slater complains bitterly about many things, especially when he gets some mild criticism.

(He has good reason to complain about the time being taken to deliver a verdict in his defamation stoush with Colin Craig, but that’s an exceptional case).

A string of posts this week highlight the bitter taste on his tongue (or finger tips).

Thursday: Childless, bitter, old Nimby tried to block fundraiser to save premature babies

What a miserable old hag.

Friday: Childless, bitter, old Nimby once again on wrong side of public opinion

Old snaggle-tooth just looks like her face – all bitter and twisted. There is an old saying that you get the face you deserve.

The bitter old blogger should know what it’s like being on the wrong side of public opinion.

Saturday: Bitter, old bag gives sound advice to the Labour party council: ‘Resign’

That’s a fake headline. I guess it may attract a few clicks.

This is miserable, nasty stuff from a miserable, nasty old political activist well past his use-by date. It seems that aAbout all he has left is bitching about others – in this case someone respected across most of the New Zealand political spectrum and around the world.

Lemons are sweet in comparison to the bitterness now belching from a one time ground breaking blog.