Daily health update – +61, total 708

Director of Public Health Dr Caroline McElnay today.

47 new confirmed, 14 new probable (+61) – total now 708

The increase is similar to yesterday (58) so even with more testing the case numbers are not growing faster.

2 of 14 in hospital are in intensive care, condition stable

Still just 1 death

82 recovered


As at 9.00 am, 1 April 2020
Total to date New in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 647 47
Number of probable cases 61 14
Number of confirmed and probable cases 708 61
Number of cases in hospital
Number of recovered cases 82 8
Number of deaths 1

New case definition for diagnosis and testing will be issued today, still relying on clinical judgment

Anyone with respiratory symptoms regardless of travel history

Capacity 3,700 tests per day, but will increase from 8 to 10 labs by the beginning of next week.


COVID-19 modelling reports

From the Ministry of Health:

These modelling reports were commissioned by the Ministry to help us understand the health outcomes and impacts on New Zealand of COVID-19 and to inform the response strategy.

The reports have been completed by Wellington researchers from the University of Otago in collaboration with university colleagues from Germany. The models have been revised based on feedback from peer reviewers, the Ministry of Health’s Chief Science Advisor and public health officials.

Modelling will help inform Government decisions on when, how much, and for how-long, the country can ease the lockdown and other measures.

It’s critical to understand that each of the models presents a number of potential future scenarios; there are no “predictions”.

Each model has its own degree of uncertainty determined by the assumptions required for any modelling work, and those assumptions are based on the best information available from overseas evidence.



Daily update – 83 new cases, total 451

From today’s Ministry of Health update:

83 new cases of Covid-19 (78 confirmed, 5 probable), total now 451


As at 9.00 am, 28 March 2020
Total to date New in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 416 78
Number of probable cases 35 5
Number of confirmed and probable cases 451 13
Number of cases in hospital 12 (22 total to date)
Number of recovered cases 50 13

View full details of the confirmed cases.

View details of significant COVID-19 clusters.

Health officials expect to see an increase in covid-19 cases in the coming days, despite today’s number of cases being lower than yesterday’s.

50 individuals have recovered

12 people are in hospital:

  • 3 in Wellington Regional Hospital
  • 2 in Nelson Hospital
  • 2 in Whangarei Hospital
  • 1 each in Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Dunedin and Greymouth hospitals.

Average daily test number over a 7 day period is 1613

8 Air NZ staff are infected with Covid-19. Al worked on long haul from London or New York.

Government Controller John Ombler:

No one needs to worry about supermarkets running out of food, choose one person to do the shopping and respect the need for physical distancing

Can only leave house for physical exercise or essential reasons – stick to your bubble

Avoid undertaking activities that are a distance from home

Don’t travel out of your neighbourhood and go to baches or second homes – stay in one place

Police report most people are following the new rules, isolated incidents of people congregating – in these cases people were spoken to

If people believe others are not complying with new restrictions first port of call is to discuss it with them, otherwise you might like to call police on 105

Maritime New Zealand says the strong message during the lockdown, is that all recreational boating and other non-essential on-water activity must stop.

Covid-19 daily update (MOH and police) – 78 new cases, total 283

Today’s update as usual from MoH’s Director General Dr Ashley Bloomfield:

78 new cases (73 confirmed, 5 probable) – quite a jump to a total of 283.


As at 9.30 am, 26 March 2020
Total to date New in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 262 73
Number of probable cases 21 5
Number of confirmed and probable cases 283 78
Number of cases in hospital 7 2
Number of recovered cases 27 5

Map of cases - tabular data to follow.

Details: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-current-cases

Tests yesterday 2,417 and total tests 12,683 – average per day over the last week 1,400 which may partially explain the jump in number of cases.

Most cases are still linked to overseas travel, but there are also ‘clusters’ – a Wellington group were at a wedding. They are still dealing with cases related to the Ruby Princess cruise ship when it was in Napier.

From Pharmac – there has been some stockpiling so from tonight all funded prescriptions will be limited to one month’s supply (3 months for contraceptives). There is no shortage, they just need to control supply chains.

How many cases? “It may get into the thousands”.

And also Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

He first refers to the guilty plea of the Christchurch mosque murderer.

Day 1 about how the police go about responding to level 4. The majority of new Zealanders are complying.

Initially police will use their discretion and educate people when finding people way from their homes. Some will be essential workers, some will have legitimate health or food shopping reasons for travel. Some stopped by the police say they knew nothing about the lockdown.

He said that those returning to NZ from overseas today without a plan for isolation have been met by numerous officials (customs, police etc) and then triaged to locations for self isolation.

360 arrived at Auckland Airport this morning, 8 were deemed to have symptoms and a risk. 160 had no plans and also needed ‘facilitated’ with being put somewhere safe.

RNZ Live:

Marist College in Auckland says there are now 11 cases of Covid-19 at the school and more are expected tomorrow.

In a statement, the board chair Stephen Dallow, says seven teachers and four students have tested positive.

He says the principal, Raechelle Taulu, is among those who tested positive today.

The entire school of about 750 students, as well as staff, is classed as close contacts and Mr Dallow asked them to ensure strict isolation rules.

That shows how quickly and widely it can spread.

Covid-19 daily update – now 102 cases

From today’s Ministry of Health update (why do they keep changing the time?) from Doctor Ashley Bloomfield:

36 new cases today, so it has shot up, looks like we are on the exponential curve.

Over half directly related to overseas travel.

Most of the remaining cases are close contacts of previously identified cases.

The source in two cases cannot be determined so community transfer can’t be ruled out. One is in Auckland, one in the Wairarapa.

Total confirmed now is 102.

The Prime Minister will be talking about the alert level in the next hour or so, so more updates to come. It is expected to be ‘a major announcement’.

Jacinda Ardern: Confirms new 2 cases can’t be traced which means there is community transmission.

Effective immediately we are moving to Alert Level 3.

In 48 hours we will move to Alert Level 4.

“We are now preparing as a nation to go into self-isolation”.

Schools will be closed from tomorrow, except for children of essential workers like doctors and nurses.