Private-Public MRI scanner partnership

An example of a private-public partnership in Marlborough in the shared use of an MRI scanner that otherwise would be difficult to financially justify for either private or public use. Radio NZ reports:

New scanner to increase MRI capacity

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board has reached an agreement with Pacific Radiology Group to install a new magnetic resonance imaging machine at Wairau Hospital in Blenheim.

The agreement calls for a portable building to be attached to the hospital’s radiology department, meaning both private and public patients will have access.

The scanner will be available to the district health board for four half-day sessions a week out of 10 sessions, increasing the district’s MRI capacity by 80 percent.

Pacific Radiology chief executive Dr Lance Lawler said it was a good example of how balanced public private partnerships can solve the problems of access to high tech care in provincial areas.

Yes, this looks like a sensible example of shared private-public use to justify the cost and p;rovide better health care in Marlborough.