Silver Ferns win Netball World Cup

Defying form over the last couple of years, and also seedings and predictions, New Zealand’s Silver ferns have won the 2019 Netball World Cup, beating Australia in the final in Liverpool by just one goal.


I even felt a bit emotional watching the final minutes, seeing the reactions to the result, and then the presentations and the national anthem.

Coach Noelene Taurua and everyone else involved in the campaign deserve a lot of credit too.

I’m not a great netball fan, but this is a great effort and a great result.

Netball New Zealand: Silver Ferns win Vitality Netball World Cup


New Zealand wins one that counts

Well, one that counts towards a world cup. The Silver ferns have just beaten Australia in the Netball World Cup, 52-47.

Full Time: @AussieDiamonds 47 – @SilverFernsNZ 52.
Shooting: @AussieDiamonds 47/57 (82%) – @SilverFernsNZ 52/69 (75%)

It’s only in pool play but that’s a massive win, their first against Australia for yonks. Well done! Gives us something to cheer about.

The Netball World Cup website won’t load, must be overloaded.

Now it is loading – New Zealand have top their pool. Odd the presumably two top ranked teams are in the same pool.