A triumph of intolerance over intolerance

I don’t like what Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern stand for or do – they preach intolerance and promote division. I don’t think they would do any good coming and speaking in New Zealand.

Their on-off-on visit has been controversial, fueled by their own publicity to an extent but far more by opponents and critics who didn’t want them to speak here. Free speech is often overridden by  people intolerant of different views.

S&M were scheduled to speak at an event tonight, with ticket prices originally advertised ranging in price from $99 to $749. They claim they sold out for tonight’s event.

The venue was kept secret until this afternoon to supposedly avoid planned disruption, but that generated yet more publicity.

The venue was announced – the Powerstation in Mt Eden, Auckland. Before Helen Clark had a chance to complain others were far quicker off the mark with threats – the venue owner puled the plug on it.

Those who had organised protests cheered and claimed a win.

If this is the end result it looks like a triumph of intolerance over intolerance. I’m not sure which side of the opposing circuses is the worst.

Free speech is at risk of becoming a quaint historical ideal. It is becoming the survival of the loudest.

Of course people who feel strongly about negative things others might say should themselves speak up, but shutting others up is as problematic as it is futile.

Whether S&M speak anywhere tonight they have made themselves much better known than they ever would have without first Phil Goff and then their new-found critics stoking the fires of their frenzy.

But it is unlikely to be over yet. Tonight we are likely to see more intolerance preached, shouted, imposed, and there’s a planned TV interview in the weekend to keep the publicity alive and kicking.

Is Paddy about to be blacklisted or white anted?