Pegida not so popular in Newcastle

Pegida seems to be battle for popularity in England, with a march in Newcastle being outnumbered by opposition.

Newcastle Pegida marchers vastly outnumbered by counter-protests

Northumbria police said 375 people were on the Pegida rally while 2,000 joined the Newcastle Unites protest in the city centre.

The rally was supposedly organised by Pegida, or “patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the west”, which claims that Germany is being overrun by Muslims and has held marches, mostly in Dresden.

Men holding National Front banners could be seen among the Pegida supporters.

Decency versus prejudice and intolerance.

I believe in Islam even less than I believe in Christianity but peaceful religious following should be equal rights.

Islam has had some connection with Britain for centuries,

Muslim scholarship, especially early Islamic philosophy and Islamic science, was well-known through Latin translation among the learned in England by 1386, when Geoffrey Chaucer was writing. In the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, there is among the pilgrims wending their way to Canterbury, a ‘Doctour of Phisyk’ whose learning included Rhazes (Al-Razi), Avicenna (Ibn Sina,Arabic ابن سينا) and Averroes (Ibn Rushd, Arabic ابن رشد).

And Muslim immigration has been significant since the 1700s.

The first group of Muslims to migrate in significant numbers, in the 18th century, were lascars (sailors) recruited from the Indian subcontinent (largely from the Bengal region) to work for the British East India Company, most of whom settled down and took local wives.

Wouldn’t it be better if less effort went into division and abuse and more effort went into different peoples living and working together peacefully?