“We will only accept and tolerate leftists”

A new political forum – New Zealand Left

That says little about it, but more from ‘Pebbles’ at Reddit:

…myself and some others have recently started a discord specifically to bring together leftists in New Zealand. If you’re interested in joining, go to this link! https://discord.gg/dPXeAv4

We will only accept and tolerate leftists, this isn’t a server for right-wingers to join and try to argue.

It’s to bring together people and have debates and maybe even meet up one day. It’s just a place for like minded people to communicate.

What makes them leftists?

They believe in equality in society. And helping out those who underprivileged on today’s society.

Some one asked Are you aware of www.thestandard.org.nz?

It sounds similar to what some at The Standard want, or wanted. ‘Weka’ tried to moderate The Standard into a ring fenced left wing forum. What happened to her? She just seemed to disappear earlier this year.

This looks like her last comments (March): https://thestandard.org.nz/tpp-2-electric-boogaloo/

And her last post:  There is a hole left in the world

But I think the new forum is probably a different idealist group wanting to talk amongst themselves, seemingly in private.

It’s not unusual in politics for people to not tolerate views they don’t agree with. I find this odd, but it seems common.