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Judith Collins supporting marriage equality

Twittering suggests Judith Collins has expressed support for marriage equality:

Justice minister backs marriage equality. Awesome. Confusing but awesome.

@jordantcarter memory is that’s she opposed civil unions because it wasn’t marriage. Some ppl will be surprised by some of the yes votes!

(edit: corrected he to she)

@KevinHague @jordantcarter it’s great JC is supportive

10:58 PM – 20 Aug 12

The only news reference I could find seems to confirm this:

Justice minister now pro gay equality, marriage

In a remarkable change in her attitude to equality for glbt people, senior government figure and Minister of Justice Judith Collins has voiced her support for marriage equality, legal adoption by same sex couples and legal recognition of a person’s gender identity which may have changed since their birth.

Speaking briefly to GayNZ.com Daily News yesterday afternoon…Collins said of marriage equality: “I’ve got no problem with it.”

On enabling same-sex couples to legally adopt children she responded: “I’ve got no particular problem with that either.”

And regarding appropriate recognition of minority gender identities: “It doesn’t hurt for us to acknowledge people’s diversity… it actually helps us.”

Asked if she felt glbt people in New Zealand are generally getting, in the words of the Human Rights Commission conference theme, “a fair go for all,” Collins said: “There are some issues that need to be dealt with. Frankly it would be really nice if we could look at people as human beings rather than be always saying ‘you can’t do that because you’re gay’ or whatever.”