Cartoons and killing

The cartoon issue gets even heavier, a blog post by Metiria Turei…

Does our country really hate us?

I am compelled to consider it after this week of Air NZ and the Ta Moko debacle, and yesterday’s racist cartoons and then reading this morning of Dunne’s new program to help reduce the rate of suicide among Maori and Pacifica people’s.

Yes they are connected.

Our kids saw those cartoons and saw the Air NZ story on TV. Many of our kids would have seen Campbell Live’s poll last night where 70% of people agreed that the cartoons were an accurate portrayal of Polynesian people.
How can we live safely in a country where at the slightest provocation, there is widespread agreement that Maori and Polynesian people are inherently fat, lazy bludgers: and that saying so is so obvious its all just a bit of a laugh?

It’s not safe for our kids in their own country. And so our kids respond as anyone would who lives with daily hostility against their very existence: they rebel, they leave and they kill themselves.

A valid point – to an extent. But this is getting very heavy.

We’ve had hating kids and killing kids by not feeding them in schools.

And now a suggestion we have hating “Maori and Pacifica people’s” which drives them to suicide.

We shouldn’t say or post or publish anything in case it offends someone and the commit suicide? Should everyone fork out and shut up?

A few people might do well to take a big breath.