Predictions for 2016

I’m not usually in to predictions much but here’s a few for 2016.

  • There won’t be a New Zealand general election in 2016.
  • The flag referendum will be close enough to make many people anxious.
  • National’s main focus will be on the economy.
  • Labour’s main focus will be on jobs.
  • Greens’ main focus will be on climate change and thinking of the poor children.
  • Winston Peters’ main focus will be on Winston Peters.
  • Martyn Bradbury will repeatedly criticise John Key and National.
  • Whale Oil will repeatedly criticise Martyn Bradbury, John Key, National MPs who don’t pay for their services, Nicky Hager, Rawshark, Muslims, ferals, NZ Herald, tumble-weeds and anyone who criticises Whale Oil.
  • At the end of 2016 predictions will be reviewed and some will be right, some will be wrong but stuff will have happened regardless.

Someone better known for making predictions than me apparently vaguely referred to a number of things that might happen in 2016.

Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016

10. Barack Obama will be the last president of the United States of America.

9. Unusual weather patterns, natural disasters and ‘Water shall be seen to rise as the ground is seen to fall underneath’.

8. Unusual planetary alignments and astronomical type changes that trigger massive events.

7. Petrol and oil will be set on fire in the Middle East.

6. Many explosions will occur around the Middle East area, and Nostradamus said that planes will be falling from the sky in 2016 (he must have also predicted planes in the 16th century).

5. The world as we know it is coming to an end.

4. Yes, there’s more predictions after the world comes to an end. The ‘White House’ has set out to destroy the world.

3. The Poles will melt.

2. Jerusalem might be assailed from all sides.

1. Russia will help to set things right.

So according to Nostradamus (actually in this case Alex Noudelman) 2016 could be an eventful year.

Another take on Nostradamus and 2016 is a bit more vague. The Morning News USA:

Nostradamus 2016 Prediction: The Third Antichrist

An interpretation of a Nostradamus prophecy goes to say that the third antichrist could rise in 2016. It’s rise could lead to World War 3, a nuclear war or biological warfare that could last for 27 years. Christians will be persecuted. But while the United States has kept its eye on Russia as the greatest threat that could lead the world into such hapless state, Nostradamus may have actually spoken about China.

It’s not just Nostradamus that predicts doom for the world.There were claims the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world in 2012.

And here is Tom Watkins:

But past predictions about the end of the world have been wrong. Like in 2015.

NBZ News: The World Was Supposed to End in 2015

As the head of a Philadelphia-based outfit called the eBible Fellowship, Chris McCann had warned his followers that the planet would be destroyed “with fire” on Oct. 7. The very next day, he issued a correction.

“Since it is now 8 October it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th,” McCann said.

If people like Nostradamus, Watkins and McCann keep making end of world predictions one of them will eventually be right, but it will be a bit hard for them to claim bragging rights after it happens.

If you prefer more mundane predictions try: