‘Notices and features’?

The Standard has an ‘author’ called ‘Notices and Features’ that seems to deviate a bit from posting notices and features.


That seems a bit like the ‘rumours’ Andrew Little was referring to in Parliament yesterday.

Yesterday at The Standard:

Maybe a named author has been forgetting to switch logins.

Or is ‘Notices and Features’ being used as an anonymous anti-Key dirt mongering feature of The Standard?

The Standard’s biggest enemy – part 1

The Standard’s biggest enemy is itself. A blog with a lot of potential is hampered by hypocrisy, abusiveness and attempted exclusion of anyone who says anything some of the small ruling cliche take exception to.

Exhibit 1 today – the post Rachinger on dirty politics. The ‘author’ is ‘Notices and Features’. It looks more like a blog post by someone who hasn’t been willing to put their name (or pseudonym) to it.

Despite the relevance to this blog, we haven’t previously posted on Ben’s claims. It hasn’t been clear how seriously to take them, and we didn’t want to add to the many pressures that he is apparently under. Apart from a brief and inconclusive exchange between Ben and lprent on Twitter there has been no contact between Ben and The Standard authors.

Because word of Ben’s account is spreading we’re finally posting on it, but we do so without comment or endorsement at this stage. We suggest that readers not try to contact Ben. Evaluate his evidence carefully, but leave him be to tell his story in his own time. Don’t expect anything in particular. Masks and mirrors.

There’s quite a bit of ‘we’ in that, apparently talking on behalf of all the Standard authors. Which is interesting considering how at times The Standard goes out of it’s way to claim that they are not an entity, they are a loose group of individuals all acting independently.

As Greg Presland said here recently:

We do not sit down and coordinate and plot posts as part of some conspiracy. Well intentioned individuals post about aspects that they think are important and interesting.

There is a bit of a group think thing that happens with TS but there is no detailed discussion and no scheming. If we appear to be coordinated it is because we have the same world view and reflexively respond in the same way.

That was less than a week ago (27 April). But today is another day In Standardville.

Why can’t an author be honest about what they post?

And why can authors talk about ‘we The Standard’ but forbid anyone else from referring to anything other than individual authors?

It appears as if ‘Notices and Features’ is R0b, who comments a number of times including:

In Twitter. We don’t have any particular “inside info” on Ben at all, but there’s a couple of us who follow him on Twitter, and he’s been publishing snippets and hints there for a long time.

So ‘Notices and Features’ appears to be R0b who happens to be author Anthony Robins. It’s very clear who ‘we’ at The Standard is, isn’t it.

Attacker hides behind ‘Notices and Features’

Another pissy fit at The Standard, purportedly about End of the Internet Party? but it is more an attack targeting Patrick Gower:

Duane McGregor @ArdChoilleNZ

@patrickgowernz You’ll have to find another party to shit on.



@TheNationTV3 Gower keeps asking about millions spent by Mana-Internet. What about the millions spent by National and ACT, Paddy?

Who is hiding behind the ‘author’ name “Notices and Features’ at The Standard? It seems to be regularly used as a cover for someone making political attacks – someone who doesn’t even have the guts to use their own pseudonym.

From The Standard Policy

See here for an explanation of who writes for the blog. The authors write for themselves with the following exceptions.

  1. If we are putting up material from a guest poster, then it will go up under “Guest Post” and may or may not have a name or pseudonym attached.
  2. If the site is reposting material from another site with no opinion or minimal opinion from an author, then it will go up under the name of “The Standard” (aka notices and features).
  3. There are some routine posts like the daily OpenMike that will also go up under the name of “The Standard” (aka notices and features) because they also offer no opinion.

The bar is high because we like robust debate, but there is a bar.

It looks like a misuse of ‘Notices and Features’.

UPDATE: r0b (Anthony Robins) has admitted doing the post.

I put up this post Pete. Does it matter? Your obsession with The Standard is unhealthy, and frankly creepy.

He had seemed to be one of the more open and up front authors at The Standard, odd he posts things like this under another ID.

Funny he calls sometimes holding The Standard to account “unhealthy’ and ‘creepy’. Some like a pulpit to promote attacks but are not so keen on being challenged on anything.

I don’t have an obsession with The Standard, but as one of the major political blogs I have an interest in what they do as i have with other blogs. I work cross-blog far more than r0b so I don’t see that I’m obsessional about any in particular.