Under 50s turning of TV

Traditional television viewing numbers are plummeting in the 18-49 age group according to Duncan Grieve at The Spinoff.

Ratings show people under 50 are abandoning television

A few months ago NZ on Air published some research which showed how radically media consumption has evolved among younger generations in this country. Specifically, it showed that the younger half of the country was more likely to watch video online on a daily basis than linear television.

It was not well received by much of the television industry, or by NZ on Air…

…I asked a friend who works at a media agency to provide me with some television ratings data.

What I found astounded me.

18-49 Ratings decline in NZ2006–2016


That’s a decline of 41% over four years.

This doesn’t really shock me. Younger people are turned off by and are turning off traditional television.

Greive goes on to ask questions about whether NZ on Air should plough so much money into the old channels, and gives an example of abysmal bang for bucks.

…the last episode of Dirty Laundry – TVNZ1’s flagship drama, produced at a cost of over $500,000 per episode – attracted an audience in its channel’s target 25-54 demographic of just over 25,000.

A minuscule number, by any standards – particularly given that we are repeatedly told that television remains the place mass audiences live, and thus justifies its exorbitant share of the funding budgets.

25,000 people in a target demographic watching a $500,000+ episode of television represents around $20 per viewer.

That is shocking.