People’s Party Roskill nomination approved

Roshan Nauhria, president of the NZ People’s party, has had his nomination approved for the Mount Roskill by-election.


NZ People’s Party President nomination approved

Roshan Nauhria is thrilled to have had his nomination for candidate in the upcoming Mt Roskill By-Election approved by the Electoral Commission this afternoon. “This is an important first step in seeing real representation for the people of Mt Roskill and I’m looking forward to what the campaign trail will bring over the next few weeks”.

Hot on the heels of a successful party launch on Saturday night that saw over 300 supporters gather at Mt Roskill’s Fickling Convention centre the candidate promises a positive focus on the campaign trail. “I don’t just want to look at the issues that are challenging, I want to look at what the People of Mt Roskill are doing well at and enhance those aspects. It’s in this approach I believe we will find strong solutions”.

Mr Nauhria has already been out on the streets of the electorate talking to business owners and community groups as well as door knocking but found that a supermarket carpark yesterday had sparked an overwhelming result. “I started talking to one person and before I knew it there was more and more people. Who was I to turn them away? I have always listened to people when they have come to me and my own community know that I have done whatever I can to get a good result for them. Now that I’ve made it public that I want to do this for all of Mt Roskill I am having a large number and wide array of people come to me”.

Despite the topics of conversation being varied Mr Nauhria believes that the people of Mt Roskill are focused on a handful of main issues. “Law and order is the main concern I hear about and there is a feeling that equality of safety is not being extended to the whole community. MPs working in the electorate have had their chance and not delivered, Mt Roskill wants change”.

This will add some interest to the contest between the National and Labour candidates. It’s hard to know whose vote it will affect the most.

It’s possible there could be a sizeable ‘pox on both Labour and National’ vote, and NZ First immigration policies may not be very popular in Mount Roskill, although if their last election candidate and now list MP Mahesh Bindra stands that may mean an unprecedented three Indian born candidates (National’s candidate is Parmjeet Parmar).

Labour’s Michael Wood may feel like the odd one out.

It will ensure plenty of attention is given to immigration issues in an electorate with over 40% of voters overseas.

It will also given an indication of how much support the NZ People’s Party might expect in next year’s general election.