On prostitution

RNZ has done a series of programs on prostitution.


The Oldest Profession Part 1: Tales from the Brothel

Why do people decide to try working in the sex industry? And once in, what is it like?

In the first of a three-podcast series, Philippa Tolley visits boutique agencies, a brothel based in a smart home in the suburbs and speaks to a woman with experience at big licensed clubs –  all to hear from the workers themselves about the experience of being a prostitute.

The Oldest Profession Part 2: The Business of Sex

If you are running a sex business, how does it all work? What are the practicalities of selecting a sex worker, managing clients and keeping it all discreet?

Is there an ideal sex worker? Can clients be difficult?

And in 2016, why do men still use brothels?

The Oldest Profession Part 3: From the Street

The image of a woman soliciting from the streets is frequently used as the face of prostitution.

In reality it’s the smallest part of the industry. But why would someone choose a cold pavement over a warm brothel?

Foreign prostitutes heading to NZ illegally

New Zealand appears to be becoming a destination for prostitutes from overseas even though it’s illegal for them to work here.


“It’s where I feel at home”: Life in the Sex Industry

As part of our series looking into the sex industry, The Oldest Profession, Phillipa Tolley gives a personal perspective on the candour and camaraderie of the women she met.

Laughing was the last thing I thought I’d be doing while talking to sex workers, but I’ve spent the last weeks smiling and chortling and editing podcasts with some of the best giggles I’ve ever recorded.

None of it is shy, ‘cover your embarrassment’ tittering – it was wry humour.