Americas Cup challenger final win

Team NZ has just won the Americas Cup Challenger series against Artemis.

Stuff:  Live: Team NZ v Artemis – America’s Cup challenger series final race day three

NZ cross the line — they have done it!!!!!!

Well NZ, that was worth the wait. The grudge rematch is set up with Jimmy Spithill.

Swedes come in 56s behind

Burling: we feel like we are in great shape to take Oracle on now.

The boat configuration was really good today. we got a good start and sailed a good race. We felt fast.
Artemis have given us the tough racing we need. We are just super excited to take on Oracle in about a week’s time


(First to 5 wins)

Tuesday’s schedule

5.12am: Race 7 – NZ v Sweden by 56s

NZ win 5-2

So it’s on to the final against Oracle.

The boat lost a race, that’s all

I am only semi interested in the America’s Cup. I may get more interested if I notice that it’s getting to the business end of a long drawn out battle of money and technology.

Media have already ramped up their coverage. And as certainly as the wind affects the races the media blows too hard at times.

Newstalk ZB: Team NZ pay for penalties against Team USA

Team NZ’s hopes of winning the America’s Cup have taken a hit with a pivotal loss to Team USA in the final race of the challenger qualifying series in Bermuda.

Does that sound drastic?

They go on to describe how Team NZ lost a race to Oracle because they didn’t sail as well.


Three further races remain on the final day of qualifying.

Regardless of the outcome, Team NZ will finish first among the challengers, giving them the right to choose their opponents for the best-of-nine semi-final phase.

So Team NZ lost a race (their second in the round against 8 wins) but have beaten all the other challengers overall, so the outcome didn’t really matter. Losing to Oracle now can’t be a big deal, getting to the finals and beating them then surely must be the aim.

Silly news reports won’t help raise interest in what’s happening in Bermuda.

1 News also goes dramatic in America’s Cup recap: Who will Team NZ race in tomorrow’s semi? Thinking caps on after gut-wrenching loss to Oracle

So gut wrenching that:

Here’s how qualifying ends:

  1. Oracle Team USA – 9
  2. Emirates Team NZ – 8
  3. Land Rover BAR – 6
  4. Artemis Racing – 5
  5. SoftBank Team Japan – 3
  6. Groupama Team France 2 (eliminated)

To recap, Team NZ will choose who out of Japan, Sweden and BAR they want to race in a best of five semi final starting tomorrow.