The unsung staff of Parliament

Politicians get a lot of attention, especially party leaders and Ministers and the Prime Minister. Normally unsung are the staff of Parliament whose efforts make the jobs of politicians possible. And a change of government means a lot of work for them – for those who keep their jobs that is. An outgoing government means a number of jobs are no longer.

From Stuff Below the Beltway:

Spare a thought for Parliamentary staff this weekend as they get stuck into the mammoth task of shifting one Government out and moving another one in. There will be 50-plus people working through the weekend and the week ahead painstakingly clearing offices and moving everything to the basement, from where they will shift the contents across to MPs’ new offices. Something like 30,000 boxes will be moved during the process.

One of the top positions, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, was going to change anyway, but as signalled long time Beehive stalwart. Patrick Gower paid tribute to Wayne Eagleson:

Last day for Prime Minister’s Chief-of-Staff Wayne Eagleson.

Lieutenant to John Key and Bill English – a great political mind, and a Good Kiwi.

Cheers Wayne.

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