Abortion Legislation Bill passes final vote

The Abortion Legislation Bill has passed it’s final vote in Parliament by a comfortable but not substantial majority 68-51. abortion will now be removed from the Crimes Act.

Earlier today a vote initiated by NZ First for a referendum to make the final decision was defeated by 19-100 votes.

Tracey Martin voted for the bill, rebelling against the NZ First party vote against the bill due to not getting their referendum.

Good on her for that.

Another NZF MP Jenny Marcroft also voted for the Bill.

I think this is a very good result, tidying up a farcical law. It gives women the right to choose for themselves what happens to their own bodies, up to a point where a new life becomes viable and deserves rights of it’s own.

A personal vote was called for on the question, That the Abortion Legislation Bill be now read a third time.

Ayes 68

Adams A Faafoi K (P) Marcroft J Swarbrick C (P)
Allan K (P) Falloon A Martin T (P) Tinetti J
Andersen V Genter J (P) McAnulty K Tolley A
Ardern J Ghahraman G (P) Mitchell M (P) Twyford P (P)
Bennett D Henare P (P) Nash S (P) Wagner N (P)
Bennett P (P) Hipkins C Parker D (P) Wall L
Bidois D Hudson B Prime W (P) Warren-Clark A
Bishop C (P) Hughes G (P) Radhakrishnan P Webb D (P)
Carter D Huo R (P) Robertson G Williams P
Clark D Jackson W Ross J (P) Willis N
Coffey T (P) Kaye N (P) Russell D Wood M
Collins J Kuriger B Sage E Woods M (P)
Craig L (P) Lees-Galloway I (P) Sepuloni C (P) Yang J
Curran C Little A Seymour D
Davidson M Logie J Shaw J (P)
Davis K (P) Lubeck M Simpson S
Doocey M (P) Luxton J (P) Sio A (P) Teller:
Eagle P (P) Mallard T Stanford E Dyson R

Noes 51

Bakshi K (P) Hipango H (P) Ngaro A Smith N
Ball D (P) Jones S (P) O’Connor S Strange J
Barry M (P) Kanongata’a-Suisuiki A (P) O’Connor D Tabuteau F (P)
Bayly A King M O’Connor G Tirikatene R (P)
Bridges S (P) Lee M Parmar P (P) Upston L
Brown S Lee D Patterson M van de Molen T
Brownlee G Macindoe T Penk C Walker H (P)
Dean J (P) Mahuta N (P) Peters W (P) Whaitiri M
Dowie S (P) Mark R (P) Pugh M (P) Woodhouse M
Garcia P McClay T (P) Reti S (P) Young J (P)
Goldsmith P (P) McKelvie I Rurawhe A Yule L
Guy A (P) Mitchell C (P) Salesa J (P) Teller:
Hayes J (P) Muller T (P) Scott A Loheni A

(P is a proxy vote)

Bill read a third time.

Two bills pass

The Government successfully had two bills passed in Parliament yesterday.

NZH: Paid parental leave amendment passes final reading in Parliament

The Parental Leave and Employment Protection Amendment Bill has passed it’s final reading in Parliament.

NZH:Longer paid parental leave starts in July

Bill extending paid parental leave to 26 weeks by July 2020 has passed its final reading.

And NZH: Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill is Govt’s second major law to pass

The Government insists that new minimum standards to ensure rental homes are warm and dry will not push up the price of renting – and help will be available to landlords facing extra costs.

The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill – which requires minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation and drainage in rental homes – passed its third and final reading in Parliament this evening.

The bill passed with the support of Labour, New Zealand First and the Green parties. I

Housing Minister Phil Twyford said most landlords do a good job, but the lack of legal standards means some rentals are not fit to live in.

“A butcher isn’t allowed to sell meat that will make their customers sick, but a landlord is allowed to rent out a house that is too cold, or damp and damages the health of its occupants.

It may help push some landlords to improve houses and flats, but it won’t guarantee every house and flat will always be warm and healthy. Tenants (and owner/occupiers) need to take some responsibility for their own living conditions.