Paul Henry still failing to impress

I occasionally go back to the Paul Henry Show, just to get reminded why I don’t like it – it’s too opinionated, with Paul Henry dominating. A shame because I don’t mind Hillary Barry and Jim Kayes.

So I switch back to One’s Breakfast, which I never liked much but is less bad. And barely watch it as I do the ‘net.

I’m obviously not the target demographic. In the early morning I’m interested in finding out as much about news and views as I can, not just one person’s views interspersed with a bit of news that’s often either stale or trivial (and often both).

Throng reports on the morning TV ratings.

Ratings: The Paul Henry Show week 4

Four weeks in and The Paul Henry Show enjoyed its first positive move on the previous week with a less than 1% gain on the previous week to have an average audience between 7am and 9am of 44,288 viewers.

Breakfast was up 2% on the previous week to an average audience of 135,300.

So Paul Henry is either failing to impress or is an acquired taste. But I’m unlikely to acquire an interest unless there’s a specific item signalled on Twitter that I’m interested in. I’ll keep looking for what interests me rather than be glued to a bit of a goon show.