Ironies and Goebbelism at Whale Oil

Yesterday morning Cameron Slater posted Islam terror comes to Paris: 12 dead in attack on newspaper – it is mostly quoting a news report but Slater comments:

This is global civil war.

We are being put into a position where we have to defend the freedoms we take for granted.

New Zealand can, and must, prevent this by acting proactively.

At this stage, a change in immigration policy should be enough.

It would not be enough, it wouldn’t address the problems at all.

Spanish Bride (Slater’s wife) commented:

Cartoonists and Journalists the world over MUST come out in solidarity. Our Media talk and write about Press Freedom, well now they need to fight for it. They must stop cuddling the religion of ‘ peace ‘ and call it out for what it is. They are waging not only a physical war against us but a propaganda war through Youtube, twitter and facebook. Our Media need to fight back by spreading the message that we are all under attack and we will NOT back down. This is world war three and I type that with a heavy heart. Appeasement does not work. I will continue my posts telling the truth about Islam and I will not be frightened into submission.

And later:

I felt compelled to make this image this morning after reading this article. Harry Potter fans will know what I am getting at.


And then Pete:

[MOD] Just a note, the main stream media vultures are circling Whaleoil and the comments for some juicy “sound” bites. Please keep your comments polite and well reasoned.

All they need is one “and one Whaleoil commenter wrote”…

You have a standard to uphold here. Please help out.

All the media need is “Cameron and Juana wrote…”

There’s further irony. Richard McGrath:

When will we stop pussyfooting around with Muslims? Tear down all mosques in New Zealand and place all Muslims into prison camps. We are now at war with these death cult worshippers and are behaving like Neville Chamberlain when the Churchill approach is needed.

Pete replied:

[MOD] I have left this up so it can be openly debated. The writer, however, is on a commenting holiday for incitement. I’ve taken note of the people who upvoted this over-the-top comment, and they will be on a short commenting leash.

Slater started the inciting and got predictable content.

But it’s chilling to see Pete warn that upvoting at Whale Oil risks getting “on a short commenting leash”.

Whale Oil not only strictly controls comment content (via warnings, deletes and bans) but also monitors upticking and uses that as a threat to be very careful what comments are supported.

Comment control plus comment approval control.

This sort of Goebbelism is about as far from the free speech principles of Charlie Hebdo as you can get.