Scoop membership drive

The Scoop Foundation is doing a membership drive, possibly timed to try and take advantage of the uncertainty over the future of journalism in New Zealand with the merger talks going on between Fairfax and NZME.

Journalism: A New Model – The 2016 Scoop Foundation Membership Drive

The Scoop Foundation is seeking public support to safeguard the future of public interest journalism in New Zealand.

To ensure public access to comprehensive, free, timely news is maintained during this dark hour for journalism. And to provide every voice in NZ the opportunity to be heard in the national debate.

You can donate at Pledge Me: The Scoop Foundation : the best chance to create an independent guardian for public interest journalism in NZ

In the first half of 2016 news organisations everywhere were forced to take drastic measures to stay alive.

In March The Independent in the United Kingdom ceased publication of its print edition. It was a harbinger of a deepening global news crisis.

This week here in NZ the two largest news organisations have proposed a merger as their Australian owners simultaneously announce their intention to exit the NZ market. Massive journalism job losses now loom over an already battered profession. Even the UK Guardian, one of the world’s largest digital publishers has had to announce layoffs.

With your support over the past 18 months Scoop has against enormous odds managed to create a new kind of news organisation, one based on a new model for funding journalism, not dependent on advertising, which offers the prospect of providing a long term sustainable platform to support the growth of a new generation of independent news publishers.

Everybody is invited to be part of this new future for news.

Thinking about Scoop I use them occasionally when I’m looking for media releases but don’t think of going there for news or for journalism. Ironically I see them as repeaters, not reporters.

Maybe I should check their New Zealand Politics summary page.