Call for South to form own party

Ian Taylor has suggested a political party for the south. This approach has never worked yet – and there is a ready made party available right now, that could have an influence right now.

Call for South to form own party

Call for South to form own partyDunedin needs to ”stand up” to government cuts, and a new political party giving a voice to the South could be just the ticket, businessman Ian Taylor says.

Mr Taylor told the ODT public dissatisfaction meant any new party could snap up seats in Dunedin, Southland and Waitaki and ”bowl in” to Parliament.

Once there, it could be a voice for regional development in the corridors of power.

”Now is the time to take our future in our own hands and do something about it … [to] come together and force the politicians to take notice. No-one else will.

”It is up to us to stand up and be counted and the best way to do that is from the inside,” he said.

The best way is to use existing means – far quicker and simpler, and far more chance of success.

I have been researching and testing ideas for getting better local political representation for five years. I stood in the last election to test some ideas as a part of this research.

Starting new parties is notoriously difficult. Especially special interest and regional parties. They haven’t succeeded yet.

I believe there is a ready made solution that is far more likely to succeed. Use an existing party that has already indicated it will strongly support regions. Much of what is required is already in place.

I was going to stand in the 2011 election as an independent until United Future asked me to stand for them, specifically because they liked my regional approach. The party was not in a strong position then.

Right now is an ideal time for regional interests to become a major influence in United Future.

This approach has a much higher chance of success than starting a new party. And it could be started and effective almost immediately.