Simon Bridges tries comedy

Simon Bridges has failed to impress as National’s leader. Now he is trying comedy. Does this come off as successful ordinary blokeness, or does it look lame and desperate?

“Must-watch”? I did my blogger duty and tried watching it but I gave up half way through. Jono and ben made out they thought it was hilarious – perhaps laughing at the effect it might have on their show ratings – I didn’t find it very funny.

Newshub: Simon Bridges pranks customers at supermarket checkout (video included)

Simon Bridges has tried his hand at working at a supermarket checkout.

After a bad week in the Beehive, the National Party leader appeared on Three’s Jono and Ben to have a go at their long-running ‘Next Actor’ segment.

Mr Bridges donned a Countdown uniform and a headset, through which he received orders from mischievous hosts Jono and Ben.

Actually, there were aspects of it that I thought were quite inappropriate, like joking about theft as an employee, giving away goods, and handling food with his mouth.

One woman who approached his checkout knew exactly who he was, and didn’t look happy about being served by the politician.

In an effort to win her over, Mr Bridges tried to give back her GST in the form of 10c coins.

“Because I like you, I’m going to give you all your tax back on this stuff because you’re paying far too much tax at the moment.”

However, she was unimpressed by his gesture.

Some may think it was a hoot, but I was unimpressed with Bridges doing this. I’d rather see him try to look competent as a political leader. Perhaps he has given up on that.

Allowing himself to be used by a couple of shock jocks looks lame and desperate to me.