Trump press conference

Donald Trump has just given his first press conference as president-elect. There will be a number of talking points out of it.

He has talked about separating himself from his business interests – by handing over control to two of his sons – not a very big separation.

He has slammed ‘fake news’ – that is the sort of news he doesn’t like as opposed to the fake news he supports and promotes.

He says that Russia will respect the US more.

And he says he will find a way of making Mexico to pay for his wall.

“I have no deals, loans or dealings with Russia”

Donald Trump says Americans “don’t care” he hasn’t released his tax returns, as previous presidents have done

“Sick people put that together”


News Conference Donald Trump is so far a lot more reserved than Twitter Donald Trump.

Trump more his usual self now, blasting “sick people” he says are behind leaks.

Trump asserts “hacking is bad,” then talks about the merits of finding out the things that were uncovered via DNC/Podesta hacks.

Soundbite: “If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset not a liability.

One Sky talking head said that a comment like that would be the end for a UK politician.

“I don’t think they care,” says Trump about the public attitude to his failure to release his tax returns. “I won.”

Advisor suggesting that people ought to accept DJT will only learn of Trump Org deals through media, not from sons.

A big promise here from Trump, that GOP will produce replacement bill for ACA/ObamaCare almost simultaneously with repeal.

In fairness to Trump, concern over Supreme Court seemed to bring conservatives who were uneasy with him over to his side.

Trump blasting media for “fake news,” taking the fight to press over Russian claims. “All I can ask for is honest reporters.”

All we can ask, perhaps futilely, is for an honest president.

Trump is right on the Michael Cohen issue, which he will clearly use to assert the whole dossier is fake and/or mistaken.

Part of this question was whether Trump would say his campaign had no contacts with Russia. He has not (so far) said that.

He refused to deny contact with Russia despite a number of attempts to get him to answer on it.

Another notable action was,  after strongly criticising CNN,  to refuse any questions from them in response. Does this mean he is going to shut out any media organisation who covers him in ways he doesn’t like?

Stringer fighting back – press conference today

Ex Conservative Party board member John Stringer has announced a press conference today. He claims there are “documented new accusations against Colin Craig that now involve a Police investigation” and “serious offences”.

Now launching into investigation by media?

UPDATE: It seems to boil down to this:

New allegations from John Stringer against Colin Craig – lots of them, but basically boils down to filing false info for electoral return.

.@ColinCraigNZ falsified info in at least five electorates and falsified his own return, John Stringer alleges Electoral Act breaches