Trotter still promoting riots

Chris Trotter continues to promote riots and other actions in another suggestive and provocative post at The Daily Blog, while trying to build blame of the police in advance.

A “Menu” Of Protest: Confronting Riot Police shouldn’t be the only protest option on 4 February


He suggests some non-violent alternatives but first details a number of Springbok tour protest actions.

For the most militant, there were “Special Ops”. Some of these involved small bands of protesters taking out the television signal relay-stations essential to broadcasting the games live. Other groups blocked motorways, ran onto airport runways, and immobilised the public transport services essential for getting Rugby fans to the match venue.

This could be seen more as suggestions for the next week or two more than reminiscing about the past.

Perhaps the most famous of these “Special Ops” came on the final day of the Tour when a light aircraft made repeated runs over the Third Test, at Eden Park, dropping flour-bombs on Springbok and All Black alike!

Participants in these operations knew and accepted the risk of being arrested, tried and convicted. The flour-bomber of Eden Park, Marx Jones, spent eight months in prison for his spectacular protest. John Minto was sentenced to six months jail for blockading Rotorua Airport. Special Ops were not for the faint-hearted!

Trotter may think it was spectacular but it was also illegal and quite dangerous. There had been attempt to crash a light plane earlier in the tour.

The most militant opponents of the Tour were able to plan and execute radical protest actions of which HART remained entirely ignorant.

There is probably insufficient time for the anti-TPPA movement to develop a similar menu of protest actions against the signing of the TPPA on 4 February. “It’s Our Future” appears to be a much less structured organisation than HART, which boasted its own National Council for determining the anti-Apartheid movement’s strategic and tactical priorities.

There seems to be quite a bit of signalling and promoting here of ‘radical protest actions’.

Some consideration should, nevertheless, be given to the problem created by the Police’s announcement that it has been engaged for some time in “Public Order Training” – a.k.a. Riot Control. There will be many “Middle New Zealanders” reconsidering their level of commitment to the anti-TPPA cause in the light of this information. Very few will want to risk either themselves of their families by participating in a demonstration where that sort of heavy-handed policing is in prospect.

It only takes ‘very few’ to do something stupid and dangerous.

And Trotter along with others appears to be trying to build blame of the police for anything violent that might occur, while trying to promote an opportunity to “execute radical protest actions”.

Something for Jane Kelsey and her comrades to think about. Because, this time, it’s not the rights and freedoms of Black South Africans that New Zealanders are fighting for – it’s their own.

The TPPA is nothing like apartheid – although some are trying to promote a racial divide.

Trotterski appears to long for protests of the past to be rise again and precipitate his revolution. Even mild writers can provoke dangerous actions, or try to.

The TPPA protests are quite different to rugby supporters versus apartheid protesters.

Discrimination against blacks in South Africa was seen as vile by many people – even by many rugby supporters.

A trade agreement is hardly going to provoke the same emotions, despite the provocations of old campaigners like Trotter.

The Whale Oil West Coast provocation

This appears to be where the attacks and threats against Whale Oil began:

Blogger puts boot in

Provocative right-wing internet blogger Cameron Slater was today standing by a headline that described Greymouth car crash victim Judd Hall as “feral”.

Mr Hall, a 26-year-old from Runanga, died when a car in which he was a backseat passenger left the road and crashed into a house about 11 o’clock on Friday night.

At 7.21am on Saturday, Mr Slater’s Whale Oil blog site carried a brief story on the crash under the heading, ‘Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour’.

When contacted by the Greymouth Star today, Mr Slater accepted that he did not know Mr Hall or his family, but justified the “feral” description by saying: “It is Greymouth, isn’t it? Didn’t Helen Clark say that you are all feral?”

He said anybody travelling at 140kph in a car in a 50kph area was ‘feral’, whether on the West Coast or in south Auckland.
He did not regret the headline and would not be apologising for it.

“It’s a tragic situation but where is it written in the rule books that you have to take into account people’s feelings?” the blogger said.

Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said the headline was “an utter disgrace”.

“This young lad has a mother and father who are going through a great deal of hurt at the moment. It’s compassion and support they need at the moment, not condemnation from the likes of Slater,” Mr Kokshoorn said.

“They (the parents) are people that Slater has never met, does not know, so for him to describe their offspring as feral is the lowest of the low and an utter disgrace.”

Slater was unwisely provocative (as he sometimes can be) and insensitive to Hall’s family and friends but some of the response has been way over the top.

See  Whale Oil woes.