Putin to prove 911 an inside job?

Yournewswire.com claims (15 January 2016) Putin: Russia Is Ready To Show Proof That 9/11 Was An Inside Job:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has named the date he plans to release proof that the US government and intelligence agencies were responsible for the “controlled demolition” of the World Trade Centre in the 9/11 attacks.

Like a boxer confident in his own strength, Putin has been absorbing pressure from the US and biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike.

The evidence is so explosive he knows he only has to hit once.

According to Kremlin insiders, President Putin has named September 11th 2016 as the date he plans to release the satellite footage proving conclusively the US government’s darkest secret: that the 9/11 attacks were a false flag terrorist event committed against their own citizens.

The US government’s secret terrorist activities at home and internationally will be exposed, undermining the credibility of the nation on the world stage, and proving that Putin is the only major world leader truly fighting terrorism and darker forces.

Except that no evidence is provided about ‘Kremlin insiders’.  The only link is to another Yournewswire.com claiming  Russia Threatens To Publish 9/11 Photo’s Proving Inside Job – that was on February 9 2015.

It claims a Pravda.ru report says:

If successful Putin’s revelations will be a huge blow for the U.S. government. It’s credibility will be undermined and mass protests and riots are likely to be seen across America.

America’s position as the leader in the “fight against international terrorism” will cease to exist when the images are released.

I can’t read Russian so can’t check that Pravda report, but it sounds  a bit ‘yeah, right’.

It was also reported by BeforeItsNews.com back on August 10 2014, and someone responded on Reddit:

Putin has never threatened to reveal anything about 9/11. Back in May, there were reports that “several analysts have recently speculated that to put Obama in his place once and for all, Putin was set to release evidence (i.e. satellite imagery) in his position that revealed the 9/11 terror attacks as an inside job.”

Searching back through the chain of blog links, it turns out that this started when a blogger named dogcicle wrote“Is the Russian leadership getting fed up with NATO’s lies? Are they considering whether to expose evidence, such as satellite photos, proving 9/11 was an inside job?”

So, by not checking sources, idle speculation from a blogger named dogcicle becomes “Putin Threatens to Bust U.S. ‘9/11 inside Job’ Conspiracy”.

What does Putin actually think about the possibility of 9/11 being an inside job?

“To imagine that US intelligence services did it deliberately, with their own hands, is complete nonsense,” the prime minister said. “Only people who do not understand the workings of security agencies can say that. It would be impossible to conceal it.”

But what about the satellite proof?

Can you see someone with a guilty look on their face running away up West Street?

Neither can I.



What Russia is doing

From yesterday, Maureen W:

I’d like to talk about what Russia is doing..

Dave 1924:

The Rus are damn fascinating, on the fringes of Europe for so long and under very autocratic rule for their whole history, just replacing the tsars with dictators really. Part of but apart from all the big cultural movements in the West in particular [Reformation, enlightment etc etc]

Can’t be easy living on the wide open plains like the Rus do, never knowing what is coming over the Eastern horizon next – bound to burn into the collective psyche an underlying fear everyone is out to get you and a real yearning for strong leaders to protect you from the unknown…..

Project that into the 20th and 21st centuries and its not hard to understand Putins appeal to a disillusioned Russia populace a drift on a failed experiment in free markets and democracy…

In current affairs Russia is allting itself with anti-ISIS attempts, for different reasons than western countries but they are fighting a common enemy.

Here’s an interesting article from Radio Free Europe:

Parsing Putin: Russia Sends Signals To The West In Statement On Jet Attack

A few hours after French President Francois Hollande called for Moscow and the West to fight Islamic State (IS) militants together in the wake of deadly attacks in Paris, Russia abruptly announced it was now certain a terrorist bomb blew a passenger jet to pieces over Egypt on October 31.

The timing of the announcement was clearly no coincidence. When the Federal Security Service chief reported on national television that the Sinai crash that killed 224 people was a terrorist act, President Vladimir Putin was ready with a solemn moment of silence, a stern vow to punish the culprits, and an order to step up Moscow’s military campaign in Syria.

Putin’s tough but tightly scripted talk was meant to warn militants worldwide and reassure Russians that they are being protected, buthis statement also contained several messages to the West — some coded, some clear as a bell. The main message: Fight terror together, on our terms, or step aside

They interpret some of the key remarks in Putin’s statement.

Putin: “It is not the first time that Russia has faced barbaric terrorist crimes, most often without any visible reason, external or internal.”

What he means: Russia is no less a target and victim of Islamist militancy than Western countries, and nothing in the state’s conduct at home or abroad can justify attacks. The West must drop what Putin has frequently called double standards and join Moscow in an unequivocal battle against terrorism.

Putin: “We will seek them out everywhere, no matter where they are hiding. Will find them any place on the planet and punish them.”

What he means: The West should be aware that Russia reserves the right to conduct antiterrorist operations anywhere in the world, and may not limit such actions to Syria.

Putin: “[Russian air strikes in Syria] must be strengthened in such a way that the criminals understand that retribution is inescapable. I ask the Defense Ministry and the General Staff to submit corresponding proposals.”

What he means: Russia will step up its military operations in Syria, but will remain vague for now on the details. The degree to which Russian strikes target IS militants may depend on the willingness of Western states to accept Moscow as an ally in the battle against terrorism.

Putin: “I ask the Foreign Ministry…to appeal to all of our partners. We are counting on all of our friends during this work, including in searching for and punishing the criminals.”

What he means: After two years of escalating tension over Russia’s aggression against in Ukraine, the Kremlin is ready to call Western countries “friends” again — but only if they join Moscow, on its terms, in the fight against Islamist militants.

Putin: “We will operate in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, which provides for the right of states to self-defense.”

What he means: Don’t question Russia’s actions, at home or abroad, that are stated to be aimed to decrease the threat of terrorism — they are grounded in international law.

Putin: “All those who try to lend support to the criminals should know that the consequences of attempts to harbor them will lie wholly upon their shoulders.”

What he means: Moscow may regard states that do not accept it as an ally in the fight against terrorism as conniving with militants, something Putin has in the past accused the United States of doing with regard to insurgents in Russia’s North Caucasus.

Missing Words

What Putin didn’t say also sent a message. By declining to refer to the extremist IS group by name, the pragmatic Russian president left the door wide open for Moscow to continue targeting other enemies of its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — some of which are backed by the West.

And by making no mention of Assad, Putin indirectly repeated one of Russia’s key positions in the global diplomatic tussle over the Syrian civil war: that Assad’s exit cannot be a precondition for any solution — and that the West’s desire to see him out of power is hindering efforts to defeat IS.

There’s a lot at stake in Syria/Iraq and what happens there will be determined by how Russia works with or against the Western powers.