Quote of the year finalists

Massey University’s NZ Quote of the Year 2017 finalists:

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Quote of the year

Massey University’s 2016 Quote of the Year from Green MP’s witty response to Brian Tamaki wins Quote of the Year

Denise Roche’s winning quip – “Sex just can’t be that good” – was in response to Tamaki blaming recent destructive quakes on homosexuality and “the weight of human sin”.

That seems more lame than funny but I guess sex sells. This does little more than  give more exposure to Tamaki.

Rachel MacGregor was runner up with her political epitaph for Colin Craig:

“In the beginning I really admired Colin. It was only as time went on that I realised he was a douche bag”

Who votes for the quote of the year? Roche’s quote got nearly 30% and MacGregor’s 18%.

“What’s unusual this year is that almost half of the votes went to two women who, in different contexts, challenged conservative leaders,” says Massey speech writing lecturer Dr Heather Kavan.

Kavan believes it was the humour underlying Roche’s comment that won the day.

Maybe you had to be there to feel the humour.

“I think a lot of people vote for the quotes that make them smile. Denise Roche’s statement was quick-witted and funny. She conveyed her point without denigrating Tamaki, in a situation that left others struggling for words.”

What was her point?

The finalists:

1. “Sex just can’t be that good.” – Green MP Denise Roche when asked about Brian Tamaki’s statements that homosexuality causes earthquakes.

2. “In the beginning I really admired Colin. It was only as time went on that I realised he was a douche bag.” – Rachel MacGregor testifying at Colin Craig’s defamation trial.

3. “I do name a lot of my animals as an insurance policy, because if you name a chicken Meryl Streep, in all fairness you can’t eat Meryl Streep.” – Actor Sam Neill explaining his animals’ names on The Graham Norton Show.

4. “You can tell that she’s a negotiator. I’ve never won an argument with her in my life.” – Dylan Kelly describing his mother, the late Union leader Helen Kelly.

5. “You’re a clever cow to skip and dance while the land beneath you is disappearing down the hill.” – Farmer Derrick Milton after helping to rescue three cows stranded by the Kaikoura earthquake.

6. “All I can say is that I gave it everything I had. I left nothing in the tank.” – Prime Minister John Key announcing his sudden resignation.

7. “If Americans were given a choice, they would have a gun on their flag.” – Comedian Matt Stellingwerf at the Billy T. James 2016 Stand up Comedy Awards.

8. “I may be short, Mr Brownlee, but at least I could sing.” – Ray Columbus’ response to Gerry Brownlee’s criticism of him, to be printed after Columbus’s death.

9. “You want a nose job? Well I’m going to give you one.” – Paul Henry’s daughter, Bella Henry before fighting Naz Khanjani from The Bachelor in the ring.

10. “A haka would have provoked them, they wouldn’t understand what it means, and these guys are looking at any reason to take a shot at us.” – Kereama Te Ua after delivering a stirring haka during protests against the Dakota Access pipeline at Standing Rock.

And I wonder who chooses the quotes. I doubt that any of those will challenge Shakespeare or Churchill or Kennedy.