R14 restriction on Bible

From Stuff: Andrew Gunn: Family First now wants to restrict the Bible


Reading the whole thing has been quite a revelation.

Lobby group Family First today announced a campaign to restrict the Bible to those over the age 14, stating that the much-loved and highly-regarded best-seller was likely to cause lasting psychological damage to younger readers.

Speaking from atop a high horse perched on a soapbox resting on the moral high ground outside Family First headquarters, spokesman Gordon Prim described the Bible as a “catalogue of debauchery” and a “user-guide to humanity’s darkest impulses”.

Mr Prim explained that while Family First had in the past referred to biblical values, it was only when members sat down and read the Bible cover-to-cover that they were shocked to discover its prurient content.

“This book gets off to a sordid start involving hot sex in an alfresco setting,” Mr Prim said, “and within pages one brother is murdering another in a fit of jealous rage.

“Even a cursory thumb-through reveals depictions of genocide, violence, idolatry, fornication, and a practice known as “coveting your neighbour’s ass” which I haven’t yet got to the bottom of but fully intend to google.

More laughs at http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/opinion/71855126/andrew-gunn-family-first-now-wants-to-restrict-the-bible