‘Most trusted’ bollocks

The ‘mosted trusted’ survey is mostly bollocks.

ODT (NZME): Who do you trust most? Here they are

The New Zealanders we trust the most are broadcaster John Campbell, ex-All Black Richie McCaw, the Topp twins and former prime minister John Key.

And Whittaker’s remains our most trusted brand for the sixth successive year.

Results from the 2017 Reader’s Digest polls for most trusted people and brands were released yesterday, based on the opinions of 1400 New Zealanders.

Each was asked to pick who they found most trustworthy in four categories: TV presenter, politician, sportsperson and entertainer.

‘Most trusted’ sports person and entertainer, and probably even presenter, is fairly meaningless. It is more like a popularity poll.

Mr Campbell earned an 18.4% vote of confidence, followed by Peter Williams (9%) and Paul Henry (7.9%).

Peter Williams can be trusted to read his autocue on the news?

In sport, Richie McCaw collected 26.4% of the vote, from Valerie Adams (10.5%) and Lydia Ko (6.7%).

They are some of the best known sports people but this means nothing about the actual trustworthiness of other sports people.

Jools and Lynda Topp were our most trusted entertainers, collecting 9.5% of the vote in this category.

Singers Sole Mio (7.3%) came second and presenter Simon Barnett third (7%).

More meaninglessness. I haven’t heard of Sole Mio. Is Barnett and entertainer or a presenter?

For the sixth consecutive year, Whittaker’s was voted most trusted of all brands surveyed.

I trust them (as much as other food manufacturers) not to have flies or mice in their chocolate, but I wouldn’t trust them to provide a nutritious meal or reliable fuel for my car.

With 24.7% of the vote Mr Key was the most trusted politician.

Former prime minister Helen Clark was second on 15.3%.

Third place went to New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters (8.4%).

They are probably the three least trusted too. About the only interesting thing there is that Helen Clark is still the most prominent Labour leader eight years after resigning from Parliament.


Most trusted politicians

Readers Digest have released their list of New Zealand’s Most Trusted People 2013

It’s hard to know how people come up with the rankings. It’s dominated by sportspeople, and many are hardly known outside their sporting achievements (and some in advertising). Peter Snell is at 7 on the list and has not lived in New Zealand for decades and is hardly heard of apart from his atheletics fame from the 1960s.

As usual politicians are ranked low. Here is the political rankings (with a couple of others).

44. Garth McVicar, Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesperson
51. Maggie Barry, TV personality and MP
53. Tim Shadbolt, Mayor of Invercargill
56. Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch
57. Helen Clark, former Prime Minister
66. Tony Kokshoorn, Mayor of Grey District
78. Lockwood Smith, High Commissioner of NZ to UK
80. John Key, Prime Minister
83. Russel Norman, Green Party co-leader
87. David Shearer, Labour Party leader
88. Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland
89. Metiria Turei, Green Party co-leader
90. Pita Sharples, Minister of Maori Affairs
92. Matt McCarten, trade unionist, politician
93. Tariana Turia, Maori Party co-leader
95. Gerry Brownlee, Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery
96. Michael Laws, former Mayor of Wanganui
97. Winston Peters, New Zealand First leader
98. Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur
99. John Banks, politician, former Mayor of Auckland
100. Hone Harawira, Mana Party leader

And politicians are ranked low on the New Zealand’s Most Trusted Professions 2013 list too:

41. Call centre staff
42. Airport baggage handlers
43. Journalists
44. Real estate agents
45. Insurance salespeople
46. Politicians
47. Sex workers
48. Car salespeople
49. Door-to-door salespeople
50. Telemarketers

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