Jones versus Gareth the Redeemer

Bob Jones has taken a swipe at Gareth Morgan in a letter to Wellington’s mayor. He seems to have also circulated the letter with sketches amongst media.

The Dominion Post reports Sir Bob Jones mocks Gareth Morgan in 5000m statue proposal.

And NZ Herald: Sir Bob’s idol threat: Gareth the Redeemer

Sir Bob has written a tongue-in-cheek letter to Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown, saying he is willing to use land currently occupied by Solnet House, a building he owns in central Wellington, for the statue.

“We seek an exemption to that restraint so as to demolish the building and erect in its place, a 5000-metre high statue of the great Gareth Morgan, in celebration of his overwhelming wonderfulness.”

“The enclosed sketch illustrates the splendid visual impact on the city which doubtless will enthral all councillors, as it will every Wellingtonian.”


Sir Bob… also planned to construct a temple accommodating up to 8000 “Morganist pilgrims at a time, providing for continuous thanks-giving services to the Almighty for blessing our city with the Second Coming in the form of Mr Morgan”.

Jones also sent in sketches of how the statue and temple might look.

He went on to write that the self-made millionaire was humble and an “extraordinary genius” who deserved “nothing less”.

Sir Bob said he even received a letter from North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un, who offered to cover costs of building the statue.

The “desirable project” would be a “phenomenal economic boom” for the capital

Morgan responded to the Herald:

“Thanks Sir B for your ongoing adulation, ask the rest home to decrease the sugar in your diet.”

Morgan does quite a bit of good with all his money, but he leaves himself open to being had on.