Proof in reflection

Proof that (for the first time for a few years) I lasted until the start of the new year.


It was a pleasant quiet family evening.

Hooton extends procrastination through summer

Matthew Hooton is less decisive on setting up a party than Colin Craig was on walking on the moon or chemtrails.

After “I’m going to announce something about Act on Friday” to “no I’m not” to “I’m definitely announcing something today” and now he says “A summer of reflection is needed” on prospects of a new economic & socially liberal party (NBR behind paywall).

Looking at his reflection in a shiny stainless steel BBQ hood?

Update: another quote:

“People shouldn’t be saying what they plan to do, people should meet one another and see the different perspectives of the very many people who do feel there’s room for a new party to the right of John Key.”

Will he heed his own advice?