United sensibility

I’m going to stick my neck out here.

Whether National are returned to power as widely expected, or Labour pull off a policy coup that exceeds all expectations, we need other party options in parliament. Most options are not looking great.

  • Act seem to have lurched from strongarmed upheaval to creative blunder.
  • NZ First, especially at leadership level, looks well past it’s “use by” date.
  • Maori/Mana is at an interesting stage and caters for a specific demographic.
  • The Green Party has it’s place, should keep it’s place, but that’s more as a niche party

There’s one other party that is likely to be in parliament after the election. United Future has quietly operated, mostly beneath the media radar, steadily and with some success. Peter Dunne is criticised as being sensible, moderate, and willing to work with the government of the day.

Your NZ was set up to cater for an obvious need for a responsive, more representative party, especially in the New Zealand heartland. The concept has been well received. Other small parties are promoting varieties of better democracy.

Good ideas, even though they obviously have appeal, will struggle to get they attention they need to achieve anything. Fragments of sensibility will be far more successful if they are combined into a united force.

A solid unifying structure is already in place, with a sensible leader. It makes sense to me to support Peter Dunne and United Future as I feel they are the best option for a strong non-ideological common sense centre party.

I personally want to pledge my support for United Future. I’m standing for the Dunedin North electorate and am setting up a new model of regional representation. If successful it makes sense to me that I work with with United Future as much as possible, allying with a party with compatible aims will give me an opportunity to represent Dunedin North even better in parliament.

It’s time for the quiet achievers, working for the ordinary people of the country, to combine their strengths and offer a real, sensible alternative, united.