An LF admirer

I don’t bother with Kiwiblog’s General Debate much these days, it mostly seems to be the same old names and same old arguments. But I had a browse last night and find a couple of gems from ‘Reid’ from Tuesday. First a vote of support for Lauda Finem:

Good old LaudaFinem strikes yet again, shedding sunlight on a topical issue where our useless, idiot, pathetic, cowardly and very very stupid moronic media, utterly, yet again, fail to, in any and every single way possible. This time, explaining the background to the aussie deportations: the vital why, not the what, but the why. The critical and crucial element to the issue that, yet again, our vapid Fourth Estate not just glosses lightly over but completely fails even to mention, let alone explicate in detail. A task that this intrepid overseas website does again and again and again and again. It’s one of the best news sites in NZ.

They might not appreciate him saying “in New Zealand”.

And then in response to this…

I know you’ve mentioned Lauda Finem for a different reason, Reid, but do you have any idea why the people behind that blog are currently at war with Pete George? I’ve checked out Pete George’s blog and, well, let’s just say that he’s under siege.

…he launches into a same old style rant.

No I don’t. But at a guess the beige badger almost always gets the wrong end of the stick and that’s fine. For example with his rape culture meme. However what’s not fine is he then gets on his high horse just like his hero and mentor Dunne. So not only is he wrong but he’s also self-righteous.

That’s similar to how Lauda Finem do things, making things up and repeating  them (this is old repeats from Reid) – it’s called deliberate lying.

Which also, I suspect with LA, would be fine too. But where he then crosses the line is that in his roaring galloping self-righteous mentalism (which is in fact, logic and all things Holy actually totally incorrect every whichway you can imagine), he then picks a personal target which in his insanity personifies his outrage over “x” and in his weak, pathetic and most importantly dishonest disengenuous proceeds to do his level best to take down his target, using whatever means at his disposal.

Of course he’s such a moron it’s like being mauled by an arthritic church mouse with cancer on their deathbed about to die that same evening but even so, because of his idiocy combined with his insanity, the target is invariably innocent, and I think that’s why LA are doing what they’re doing.

Funny. And ironic.

Of course I don’t know, I’m guessing. I don’t know them, I have no association with them apart from admiring their contribution to the NZ media fabric which is considerable and if they read this, thank you.

Reid calls most people sheeple amd morons because they don’t agree with his claims the world is about to end, but admires LF. Says a lot.

But that’s my theory on it.

FWIW I was surprised to read those posts too. I thought PG is such a profound lightweight, why bother, who cares what he does. I wouldn’t have personally, given the weight of most of the issues they target.

BTW, I know you pointed me to an article the idiot once wrote about me. I’ve never read it and I never will, for the abovementioned reasons. Life is too short to waste time on thinking about thoughts emanating from a fool like him.

He wasted quite a few words not thinking about me.

He later comments:

Cows don’t try to jump open gates nasska.

That’s why.

Compared to sheeple cows can solve quantum physics and space travel and would get every single Nobel prize for both this and the next century, compared to the collective mind-power were it all combined, of sheeple.

So naturally I don’t want to honour actual sheeple by pretending they’re as brainy as a cow.

They might misunderstimate their total and actual stupidity in the scheme of things, and start thinking things such as: Shillary would actually make a really good POTUS, and such-like.

Then where would we be.

Plus I don’t give a fuck about equality and in my personal life I try to be as evil, cruel and unequal as I can possibly be without getting arrested, just cos I can.

Perhaps that’s why he admires Lauda Finem so much.

“Israel is run by evil people”

Comments at Kiwiblog include some extreme views at times. Like this:

On Israel Reid thinks it’s a Satanic creation using a Satanic symbol on it’s flag, and that Israel is behind all the world’s problems and behind all the world’s terrorism, including Islamic terrorism.

Israel is run by evil people. It was founded by evil people. The evil people deliberately allowed Hitler to do what he did to the European Jews in order to encourage them to populate Israel after the war. The evil people set Israel up because they are going to destroy it. Then they can turn to the people of the world and say: look, your God doesn’t exist, or if He does, He’s obviously not very good at being God, because He just stood aside and let his own people be destroyed. Now here is our lovely peacemaker, who some wicked people call the anti-Christ, but he’s really not that at all, and look at how he brought world peace, after all that conflict, during which, in part, Israel was destroyed.

And the evil people are doing this because they are working for their king, who happens to be Satan.

None of this makes Jews evil. It makes the people who commit evil acts in their name, evil.

This is a clear and obvious distinction no-one but a moron would have trouble understanding.

That expression is enabled by David Farrar’s very liberal approach to allowing free speech. While it’s on his blog I’m fairly sure it in no way represents his views given his Jewish background.

The comment is currently on 1 up tick and 13 down ticks, and there has been substantial comment, mostly criticism, of it in the thread that follows.

Northland National’s ‘Battle of Britain’ fought with a bi-plane

As Reid at Kiwiblog says we are usually not on the same page, but on Northland “I agree with you”, and then comments:

Seems to me the media are going to use Northland to try and administer the coup de gras in the De-halo operation they’ve been running like shrieking hysterical schoolgirls since before the election which only went quiet for awhile immediately after the election while they absorbed the hatred and exposure of their tactics the result represented which they assumed always travel completely under the public’s radar, before resuming again in early November and ramping up to what we see now with the Little hype beyond reality etc and so forth.

Meanwhile National’s helping out the media big time in this operation by making every mistake it’s possible to make in the propaganda, political strategy and political tactical arenas over this whole affair which all began because Key insisted on hugging a corpse. And what a corpse it’s going to be when the public learn what it’s all about.

The only people who aren’t helping him out are the left and from that I exclude Peters, but the rest of the idiots are making it as hard as possible for Peters to get the traction he needs to allow the willing media liars to lay his smear and innuendo all over the nightly news.

But even the roaring incompetence of Little and Wussel won’t prevent this from happening as the campaign ramps up, and when the crescendo of WTF really happened to Sabin hits the fan, it’s going to be all over rover, whether or not National actually loses the seat or not. Because from a propaganda perspective, an actual loss is almost as good as a large dent in the majority, and one of those things is definitely going to happen, it’s just a question of which one it is.

And the real point is, all of these dynamics are a completely obvious open book to anyone who understands anything about politics and how it’s played so the real point is, if people like us can see the above and foretell it and pontificate on it as it rolls out as it definitely will, precisely like this, over the campaign. If people like us can do this, then what sort of roaring moron dummy idiot incompetents does National have in charge?

Because this was predictable for me, the instant I understood what Sabin is facing which for me was back in January and for the people in National was back in late November, and if I can do it then so can they. And the clear and present no-brainer obvious counter to all of this apart from ditching Sabin back in November with a ten foot pole which was Key’s massive error which will come back to haunt him but which does not have to destroy the party, only him.

But for the party, the obvious is to put your very best candidate in the whole country into Northland and watch him or her impress the hell out of all the punters with their shining skillset and competence which burns through all the propaganda and obfuscation no matter how much bullshit Peters and the idiot media care to throw, which will be a tremendous amount, but who cares, if you have a simply brilliant candidate with all the Ministerial support that an incumbent govt can offer with visits every weekend of the campaign from one Ministerial team after the other and policies galore that simply throw the spotlight onto our wonderful Northland winner. [Cue Tina Turner: Simply the Best…]

That’s what you do. And it’s real important.

Because this is make or break time in the Fifth National Govt. This is the point where the worm turns and where the fourth term is either won, or lost. This is the point where Little and Liarbore either start and keep gaining in poll after poll after poll or whether they keep bumping along the sea-floor.

It’s too late for Key. He’s lost his halo and he’ll never get it back because the public will never understand why he supported Sabin given what Sabin is facing.

Key’s amazing run with the public is gone forever, because of that simple strategic blunder he himself decided to make, back in November and which he himself needlessly exacerbated in January when he inexplicably and foolishly alluded to Sabin being on the fast track to Cabinet. Which he said knowing what Sabin is facing.

So what needs to happen is National needs to create sunlight between Key and the party during this election and keep doing it all through this term so it opens the way for Key to resign before the next election and someone else to take National into a historic fourth term. And this by election is where that process needs to start happening. And what I said above is a perfect way to start that process.

But clearly, no-one in National is going to do that, since they’ve decided instead to run a complete lightweight schoolboy whose going to get his trousers pulled down in front of the whole class by Peters every single time they are in the same room and this together with a media who simply can’t wait to plaster the very latest humiliation far and wide over the nightly news cycle, day after day, night after night.

So that’s what Northland is about, it’s National’s Battle of Britain. And so far, they’ve responded with bi-planes and a pilot from the local glider club.

– Reid