The danger of becoming a republic!

There’s a guest post today on Kiwiblog by Lewis Holden, Chair of the Republican Movement, who is obviously promoting ditching the monarchy and changing New Zealand to a republic.

Whenever this is discussed a reason against becoming a republic almost always comes up, like this from ‘hj’…

I worry under republicanism Keth Locke or Dame Howsyourfather will be head of state.

…or more commonly this from ‘Urban Redneck’:

Trade the Queen for Helen Klark as President and a “constitution” written by leftists and Maori separatists ?

There has been no serious indication anything like this would happen but it inevitably gets some agreement that we shouldn’t allow any chance of that happening.

But if we keep the monarchy something much worse could happen, for example…

There’s an even worse possibility. Charles may murder his mother and become king, force all Catholics into exile, send the Prime Minister to the Tower of London, and make subject nations including New Zealand take all of England’s Scot, Welsh and Muslim population as immigrants. Smoko would be renamed elevenses. And we would all have to play or support polo or soccer!

Admittedly this is not likely to happen but neither is the usual scaremongering about what a Republic may result in.  And whoever any head of state who was selected might be they would probably be as powerless as the current queen.



Time to ditch Queenie State

Peter Dunne tweeted:


NZ ceased to be a colony this day in 1907 – now 105 years later it is surely time to take the next independent step and become a republic.

Dominion Day.

Surely it is time for us to be an independent nation. Queenie State is past it’s use-by date.