Is there a United Future?

United Future is sort of remembered but it mostly seems ignored. Or forgotten. Why? It is also known as the Peter Dunne party and the perception is it share’s his attributes – a workhorse rather than a show pony. That’s why Dunne and United Future don’t get much publicity, they’re quietly doing the business rather than making much ado and achieving nothing.

Dependable, reliable, practical and  pragmatic seems hard to make popular, or at least not to get headlines and glossy media coverage.No mudslinging, no promises of policies that are pie in the sky that will never get their feet on the legislative ground

United Future say they represent middle New Zealand and share a common trait with much of middle New Zealand, quietly going about their business largely unnoticed. It’s the noisy activists and protesters and dirty tricks brigades that get the attention – but don’t make much progress.

Your NZ has quite a bit in common with United Future. They both have moderate approaches without  polarising ideology and can appeal to a wide band of the population – if they are noticed and understood.

Your NZ takes much of the simple practicalness of United Future and modernises it, staking out a new future for responsive democracy. United Future is probably too conservative to grow into the future,  it needs a new party make real and innovative changes.

Your NZ is offering what many ordinary New Zealanders are quietly saying they want from politics and from politicians – a more consultative, more  responsive democracy. And they are demonstrating how that can be done, now.