Trump talks of/up riots

Donald Trump is widely seen as a very adept user of publicity and he has been successful at pushing political buttons and tapping into an angry electorate.

He is now talking of riots if he misses out on the republican nomination. Is he deliberately talking up riots?

NZ Herald: Donald Trump says he’ll skip debate, warns of possible convention riots

Fresh off three more primary victories, Donald Trump said he’ll blow off the next Republican presidential debate and warned of “riots” if power-brokers deny him the nomination at the convention even if he’s leading in the delegate count.

“I think we’ll win before getting to the convention, but I can tell you, if we didn’t and if we’re 20 votes short or if we’re 100 short and we’re at 1,100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400 cause we’re way ahead of everybody, I don’t think you can say that we don’t get it automatically,” Trump said on CNN on Wednesday. “I think you’d have riots.”

“I wouldn’t lead it, but I think bad things would happen,” Trump said, adding the outcome would “disenfranchise” his supporters.

While Trump appears to be carefully trying to distance himself blame of riots should they happen the fact that he is publicly suggesting them as a possibility – and a justified possibility – it’s hard to believe he isn’t deliberately talking up the threat of riots, if not suggesting and encouraging them.

It could easily be seen as an insidious political threat of or incitement for violence if he doesn’t get his way.

UPDATE: Newstalk ZB is more blunt- Trump: Pick me or there will be riots


Trotter still promoting riots

Chris Trotter continues to promote riots and other actions in another suggestive and provocative post at The Daily Blog, while trying to build blame of the police in advance.

A “Menu” Of Protest: Confronting Riot Police shouldn’t be the only protest option on 4 February


He suggests some non-violent alternatives but first details a number of Springbok tour protest actions.

For the most militant, there were “Special Ops”. Some of these involved small bands of protesters taking out the television signal relay-stations essential to broadcasting the games live. Other groups blocked motorways, ran onto airport runways, and immobilised the public transport services essential for getting Rugby fans to the match venue.

This could be seen more as suggestions for the next week or two more than reminiscing about the past.

Perhaps the most famous of these “Special Ops” came on the final day of the Tour when a light aircraft made repeated runs over the Third Test, at Eden Park, dropping flour-bombs on Springbok and All Black alike!

Participants in these operations knew and accepted the risk of being arrested, tried and convicted. The flour-bomber of Eden Park, Marx Jones, spent eight months in prison for his spectacular protest. John Minto was sentenced to six months jail for blockading Rotorua Airport. Special Ops were not for the faint-hearted!

Trotter may think it was spectacular but it was also illegal and quite dangerous. There had been attempt to crash a light plane earlier in the tour.

The most militant opponents of the Tour were able to plan and execute radical protest actions of which HART remained entirely ignorant.

There is probably insufficient time for the anti-TPPA movement to develop a similar menu of protest actions against the signing of the TPPA on 4 February. “It’s Our Future” appears to be a much less structured organisation than HART, which boasted its own National Council for determining the anti-Apartheid movement’s strategic and tactical priorities.

There seems to be quite a bit of signalling and promoting here of ‘radical protest actions’.

Some consideration should, nevertheless, be given to the problem created by the Police’s announcement that it has been engaged for some time in “Public Order Training” – a.k.a. Riot Control. There will be many “Middle New Zealanders” reconsidering their level of commitment to the anti-TPPA cause in the light of this information. Very few will want to risk either themselves of their families by participating in a demonstration where that sort of heavy-handed policing is in prospect.

It only takes ‘very few’ to do something stupid and dangerous.

And Trotter along with others appears to be trying to build blame of the police for anything violent that might occur, while trying to promote an opportunity to “execute radical protest actions”.

Something for Jane Kelsey and her comrades to think about. Because, this time, it’s not the rights and freedoms of Black South Africans that New Zealanders are fighting for – it’s their own.

The TPPA is nothing like apartheid – although some are trying to promote a racial divide.

Trotterski appears to long for protests of the past to be rise again and precipitate his revolution. Even mild writers can provoke dangerous actions, or try to.

The TPPA protests are quite different to rugby supporters versus apartheid protesters.

Discrimination against blacks in South Africa was seen as vile by many people – even by many rugby supporters.

A trade agreement is hardly going to provoke the same emotions, despite the provocations of old campaigners like Trotter.

Key, TPPA, riots, Waitangi and civil war

Rhetoric about John Key, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreeement, and the Treaty of Waitangi and Waitangi Day is rising to absurd levels.

Are some left wing activists seriously trying to talk up riots, civil wart the revolution? Or is it just nutters going nuttier than usual?

It’s not unusual to see Martyn Bradbury going over the top.

Dear NZ Police – about the TPPA 4th February protest

Dear NZ Police.

You suffer as much as we all do from this Government’s lack of social funding. You pick up the failures of our mental health system, education system, social welfare system, prison system and alcohol culture.

You do it all with ever decreasing budgets.

The TPPA will act as an upper house of our Parliament and with the growth of corporate monsters like SERCO, it’s only a matter of time before their failed social experiments get forced upon us here citing the TPPA as their entrance point, and you as a Police force will be left to clean up the ever expanding societal meltdowns.

So if your commanders give you the order to attack on 4th February remember two things.

One, you are as impacted as the rest of us by signing this TPPA.

and Two, the world will be watching.

Which side are you on boys?

It’s a bit alarming to see Chris Trotter getting involved (although this is also at The Daily Blog):

Let’s Not Lose Our Tempers: If Key wants a riot outside Sky City – don’t give him one

I’m suspicious. Because John Key is not prone to making tactical blunders. Which raises the worrying possibility that the readily predictable consequences of his decision – mass protest action outside Sky City, with a high probability of violence and property damage – may be exactly what he wants to happen.

And then there’s more extremes like this from :

John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha. Are You Going To Let Him?

On the 4th of February 2016 two days before Waitangi day. John Key intends to sign the TPPA. The treaty will allow international corporations to usurp most of New Zealand’s sovereignty. It will deregulate the financial industry, allow corporations to sue our government for loss of profit if we don’t let them run rough shod over what is left of our fragile ecological systems and destroy what is left of our social support systems.

It will also destroy one of the most important social documents and contracts of this country: the Treaty of Waitangi.

And John Key knows this. The ruling elite knows this and they like the idea! What is more, most Pakeha who identify with the ruling elite rather than face reality and realise they are part of the 99%, like that idea too!

And it’s an easy fault line for the 1% to aggravate the 99% into an all out civil war between Maori and Pakeha and here is what is being done to make sure they get what they want.

  • The signing of the TPPA in Auckland two days before Waitangi dayguaranteed to incite a heated emotional response.
  • John Key intending to attend the Commemorations at Waitangi Marae which is the mother of all shit stirring exercises.
  • Opinion Pieces in major news papers inciting racial division and Mike Hosking pandering to the basest of prejudices as ususal!
  • Releasing information about riot police being trained to deal with political unrest to inflame emotions.
  • People inciting violence in comments on political blogs to make sure the people who own those blogs can be arrested or made redundant as part of the aggressive political fringe loonies when they try to inform people.
  • Putting up the rag touted as the new flag to inflame emotions.

And here is what is traditionally done to make sure unrest will arise even if the people keep their cool:

So if anything gets stirred up it’s going to be all John Key’s fault along with a compliant police force.

It would be frightening to see this sort of thing openly posted and promoted if any of these loons could be taken seriously.

This NZ Herald report has fed the fanatics.

TPP: Police undertake riot training

New Zealand Police have been undertaking mass riot training ahead of the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Auckland next month.

The trade agreement, that has sparked widespread controversy due to its closed-door negotiations, will be signed by international diplomats on February 4.

Dozens of large-scale protests have been held across the country as the five years of negotiations for the deal came to a close in the US last year.

The Herald understands that increased riot training – officially known as public order training – has been taking place ahead of the signing, as police prepare for more possible civil unrest.

Police Association vice-president Senior Sergeant Luke Shadbolt said that the TPP signing was the focus of annual public order training.

The Herald understands that the training goes over and above previous annual training, and involved more staff on a “mass” scale.

Bryan Bruce at it too:

Is Divide And Conquer The New TPPA Strategy?

Almost seems like they are trying to talk up some sort of Springbok Tour uprising.

Riots and “a sub state, not a nation”

Martyn Bradbury is hitting the new year with a bang – or is it another whimper of hot air?

He claims that if the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is signed there will be “no point voting in any election after it”as New Zealand “will effectively be a sub state, not a nation”.

Perhaps this illustrates that Bradbury is a sub activist who is giving up on democracy because few vote for what he wants.

If he wasn’t generally impotent there could be some concern about him trying to talk up riots – TPPA to be signed SkyCity 4th Feb – is it time to riot or protest?

Our resistance to date has been focused on protest. If we are serious about protecting NZs economic sovereignty, maybe we need to recognise protest now must become civil disobedience if we are to shut this down.

And shut it down we must.

It is most likely going to be signed at SkyCity – now is the time it plan, plot and organise to shut this down. If this deal gets signed there is no point voting in any election after it as we will effectively be a sub state, not a nation.

Waitangi Day 2016 will be worthless if the TPPA is signed – every single believer in our sovereignty must converge on Auckland on the 4th to shut this down.

The time for confrontation is now.

Bradbury and other activists have been protesting and campaigning against the TPPA for years without success.

Now he seems to want to escalate protest to confrontation, civil disobedience and rioting.

This might be concerning if it wasn’t for the likelihood this rant for riot is a dud that will bomb. It’s not the first time that Bradbury has posted about rioting.

February 2015: Will ‘Social Housing’ evictions be the riot spark in NZ?

Thousands of State House tenants the Government deem as too rich will be evicted. That’s Police and Bailiffs having to drag tenants out. Social media will make these evictions flash points.

One of the interesting bits of info that turned up looking at the recent Queen st brawl was that much of the posturing had been done on social media between both factions of the gangs involved, imagine if that transmission turns from organising fights to stopping mates being dragged out of their homes? Hundreds of young people descending on Police dragging people out of their homes from suburbs they regard as home.

Live streaming of evictions and calls to defend them have all the ingredients for a resistance to explode out of control of the Police.

State House evictions could cost the Government far more than they are prepared for.

He appears to be hoping or promoting social media initiated “flash points” and “resistance to explode out of control”.

Rioting doesn’t look like a recent interest of Bradbury’s. Back in 2011 at Tumeke (pre-Daily Blog):  Could a riot happen in NZ?

Seeing that social alienation and poverty create the conditions ripe for riot, shouldn’t we in NZ reflect upon the draconian austerity measures our own Government are adopting?

Canterbury University academic Bronwyn Hayward believes the tensions igniting the UK are simmering here in NZ and Winston Peters goes two steps further and really drives the point home that our staggering youth unemployment rate is a genuine danger and breeding the ground in which these riots erupt.

The Rugby World Cup has all the ingredients of a riot on Queen street brewing.

The promise of democracy is that you can look into the face of your child and know they will get a better deal than you did. When democracy can’t promise that because the economy has been crashed by corporate greed, people riot. It happened throughout the 1930’s post the 1929 collapse and it’s happening now. 

You reap what you sow.

Bradbury sows hot air and hopes of revolution. With hot air there is little that can be reaped.

Davis warned of riots in advance

Labour MP Kelvin Davis was warned of potential riots when he visited Christmas Island last month, two weeks before the rioting began on November 9.

On October 24 The Guardian reported “New Zealand detainees on Christmas Island are so angry, hungry and traumatised they are allegedly considering rioting.”

Was the riot an inevitable reaction to the conditions being experienced? Was it spontaneous? Was it opportunistic? Or was it the result of a plan waiting for an excuse?

On Monday in Being ‘treated like animals’ sparked riots NZ Herald reported on the riot:

It is understood riots began in the early hours of this morning (local time) after prisoners learned of the death of a refugee who escaped the centre two days ago.

Fires are burning, walls have been smashed in, the lights have been turned off and there are no guards in sight, detainees say.

A New Zealand detainee, who the Herald has chosen not to name, said the riots kicked off after one person was allegedly assaulted by a guard when they asked about the body.

He said people at the centre were treated like animals, and they were sick of it.

“It was just a matter of time, all of us knew it. It was a matter of time because of the way they treat people…They’re meant to be so called welfare carers. Duty of care is their number one policy and bringing service to us, but they treat us like dogs. We’re treated like animals in here,” he told NZME News Service.

“We’re Kiwis, we’re not bred for the psychological trauma. We’re not bred to witness all of this. This is what war-torn country people [see], it’s not for us.”

And  Kiwi: Trouble ‘had been brewing’  NZ Herald reported a prisoner account of how the riot began:

New Zealand detainee Lester Hohua said the rioting at Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre had been brewing.

Over-crowding and alleged assaults by the emergency response team (ERT) had put the detainees, including about 40 New Zealanders, at “breaking point”, he said.

“This was always going to happen,” Mr Hohua told NZME News Service.

“You can only back someone into a corner so much.”

The unrest began with upset refugees asking officials what happened to refugee Fazel Chegeni, whose body was found on Sunday following his escape from the detention centre on Friday.

“They just wanted straight-forward answers, and weren’t given straight-forward answers,” Mr Hohua said.

The hated ERT were sent in, he claimed, and jostled with the refugees.

Mr Hohua claims that one ERT member challenged one refugee to a “one on one” fight.

“That’s when us 501s [convicted criminals with cancelled visas] got involved,” he said.

“You can’t f***ing do that. Who are you? You know.

“We didn’t get involved, as in, throw any punches, but we made sure that he wasn’t going to touch the refugee, or any of them were going to touch the refugee.

“Refugees don’t fight. Refugees just yell and scream and argue and get beaten up for it.

“Everything was about protecting each other, saving the refugees from getting the bash. We’re sticking up for our brothers.

“New Zealanders, just 501s in general, doesn’t matter what country you are from, are being beaten to a pulp, sent to hospital … we’re sick of it.

“People are scared by it. That’s why you had the reaction you had last night.”

Only a “small handful” of detainees then began rioting, Mr Hohua said.

Seven detainees, including five New Zealanders, have been moved from Christmas Island, accused of being responsible for the riot.

Davis had remained in contact with some detainees since his visit. Northern Advocate reported Kelvin Davis told riot on the cards.

When Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis visited Christmas Island in October he was told by detainees there could be rioting – this week that happened

Before Monday’s riots, Mr Davis said he had received a text from a detainee who said another detainee had climbed the fence and died in the jungle.

Then at about 4.30am he received a call from the same detainee saying riots had kicked off.

“He said it was going off, people were rioting. He said a guard had assaulted an asylum seeker in medical and he retaliated and others joined in and it grew from there.”

Mr Davis had spent a week on Christmas Island talking to detainees and building a rapport with them.

UK’s The Guardian had reported two weeks ago (24 October) that rioting was being considered:  New Zealanders held on Christmas Island so angry they may riot – Labour MP.

New Zealand detainees on Christmas Island are so angry, hungry and traumatised they are allegedly considering rioting.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis had a five-hour “highly emotional” visit with detainees on Friday, gaining access to the centre after a week waiting on the island.

Davis said the detainees are so desperate to return to their Australian homes, they are considering rioting.

“These New Zealand born Australians are not murderers or rapists. They have served their time yet Australian authorities are treating them as though they are a terrorism threat.”

None of the eight detainees Davis met wanted to return to New Zealand to settle their visa applications, as the Australian government has proposed.

“They think its a trick designed to prevent them from returning to their families and jobs in Australia,” he said.

So two weeks before the riot Davis said that detainees were considering rioting.

Youtube 27 October:

Kelvin met 8 detainees who were angry, hungry and desperate for help.

First impressions Kelvin?

Davis: Um, some horrible stories to be heard, I’m not that the head honcho here has given us the full truth, um seemed liked PR by numbers. Um the eight people we spoke to their stories were all consistent with what we have heard previously. Yeah, a bit of a hell hole.

NZ Parliament November 4.

Youtube November 8:

Kelvin Davis talks human rights and political advocacy at the Labour Party’s 99th conference held in Palmerston North last weekend. Here’s some images of the Christmas Island Detention Centre visit.

In that Davis talks of “their plight and hopelessness” but no mention of the potential for rioting.

Facebook 9 November 5:21:

BREAKING: Christmas Island detainees are taking over the facility. Fences are being torn down. They’ve had a guts full. ‪#‎freethe501s‬

Facebook 9 November 6:11:

Received the following text last night from a Christmas Island 501 detainee. It appears that the detainees have now had enough and are rioting. This is what happens when people are treated like animals. Australia must stop the human rights abuses.‪#‎freethe501s‬

“Kia ora everybody, a man has passed away this morning under some curious circumstances. First i would like to ask the lord almighty to bless us with a pure heart and a pure mind. Forgive us our sins and bless our brother FAZEL CHEGIHI soul as he departs this living hell and makes his way into your kingdom. On friday night our brother managed to get over the fence and spend his last days in this living hell, a free man. 5 years in detention and now your free of all your pain and suffering. All the torture Physically and mentally. The chains are broken! Now we stand together! 501 and refugee. No matter what, we come on the same waka, we will leave on the same waka! Everybody fears for there lives. What ever happened to our brother is immigrations and australian border force doing. R.I.P FAZEL CHEGIHI….Another day on the island.”

Facebook November 10:

“Probably mainstream Australia will saying this is the reason why we need to be lock them up, but this is what happens when people have their backs to the wall,”

Was the riot an inevitable reaction to the conditions being experienced? Was it spontaneous? Was it opportunistic? Or was it the result of a plan waiting for an excuse?

Did Davis encourage a violent reaction, did he try and defuse and discourage, or did he just let things take their course?

Was his visit seen as tacit approval of a riot reaction?

Questions that would be good to have answered.

NZ Herald reports that communications how now been cut off in Riot crackdown hits Kiwis.

New Zealand detainees’ attempts to get released from an Australian detention centre have been set back by a heavy-handed crackdown, advocates say.

Kiwis at the Christmas Island facility are now unable to reach lawyers or family because cellphones have been confiscated and other communications shut off.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis, who travelled to the island two weeks ago, said even detainees who had not been involved in the riots were facing harsh measures.

I presume this cuts off detainee communications with Davis.