Blogview – UF#3 Rob Eaddy

Rob Eaddy
Party: UnitedFuture
List: 3
Electorate: Hutt South
Profile (part):

  • Served 8 years as Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Rt Hon J B Bolger. In that role he was responsible for strategic policy advice, administration and management of the Private Office of the Prime Minister.
  • Between 1998 and 2003, Rob undertook several Senior Communications, Strategy and Consultancy roles in the Ministry of Health and Hutt Valley DHB.
  • From 2003 onwards, Rob has served as Chief of Staff to the Hon Peter Dunne MP, Leader of United Future New Zealand. He has been and remains, the principal political and strategic advisor on all aspects of current policy and legislative issues.
  • Rob has served as the UnitedFuture negotiator for the Confidence and Supply Agreements between Labour and UnitedFuture following the 2005 Election and between National and UnitedFuture following the 2008 Election.

So while UnitedFuture goes into this election with only one sitting MP the party has more depth of parliamentary and government experience.

Eaddy For Parliament

Wellington – If United Future lifts its popularity a familiar face around Parliament will be returning in an unfamiliar role.

Rob Eaddy is number three on the list behind Leader Peter Dunne and outdoors advocate Doug Stevens.

Eaddy has been Dunne’s chief of staff for some time and before that served similar roles for the National Party and was a senior Beehive official for much of Jim Bolger’s administration.The affable, yet sometimes gruff, Eaddy is a famed political manager and his running in the Hutt South seat could create some interesting tension with Labour’s Trevor Mallard and National’s Paul Quinn.

Petone Herald – ELECTION FOCUS: Your candidates:

Backroom boy moves into the public eye

In 2003 he was asked to return to the political realm, to become chief of staff to UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne. “I had known Peter for a long time and his politics and mine were very similar.”

Eight years later Mr Eaddy has finally stepped out of the shadows, agreeing to become UnitedFuture’s candidate for Hutt South. It’s been the first time he has sought public office, rather than advised those who have achieved it. “It’s a change,” agrees Mr Eaddy. “I’ve always been a defender of those who have got the courage to get up on a soapbox and say what they stand for.”

Because he has been a parliamentary insider his online profile is sparse, but there are a few relevant references to him.

Hon JOHN CARTER Valedictory Statement

I want to say thanks to a number of people. There are so many people to thank. Thanks, everybody. Thanks, everybody in this complex. What a wonderful place to be. But I want to thank three guys in particular who have been special to me in my 24 years within this complex, and they are Rob Eaddy, Paul Plummer, and Wayne Eagleson. I thank the three of you so much for your support. There are many others who have been part of that team, but it has been great to have you guys—and the jokes will not stop, by the way, folks.

Some mentions by David Farrar on Kiwiblog over the years:

One degree of seperation

The United Future Chief of Staff, Rob Eaddy, was Jim Bolger’s Chief of Staff when I worked for Ministerial Services.

A Who’s Who of the Madeleine Setchell story

Staff in the leader’s office broadly are of two types. Those with a party background, and those without.

The other staff, while certainly comfortable with what a party stand for, are not party members or activists. Examples are …Rob Eaddy in United Future …

United Future List

Rob Eaddy, at No 3, is a former Chief of Staff to Jim Bolger, and one of the best political managers around. If United Future did manage to get him into Parliament, he would be an easy pick to become a very competent and successful Minister.

TTTC: DPF, couldn’t agree more with your comments about Rob Eaddy. I’d also add he is one of the most thoroughly decent people you’d ever meet.

[DPF: Yes, he is]

From the archives…

Former Nats chief of staff to head United Future

Mar 18, 2003

Former National Party chief of staff Rob Eaddy has been appointed to that role with United Future, leader Peter Dunne said today.

Mr Eaddy, who will manage the relationship between United Future and the Labour-led Government, left National in 1997 to be communications director of the Health Funding Authority.

He has since been general manager, communications, consultation and relationships for Hutt Valley Health.