Fake claims at Whale Oil about mainstream media news coverage

Whale Oil has criticised mainstream media for years, claiming to be some sort of great new alternative –  ironically while relying a lot on MSM content for many of their posts.

On Tuesday they blasted MSM for not covering a story from a long time continuation of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, but author SB either didn’t check basic facts, or deliberately posted fake claims.

The post from Tuesday: The mainstream media won’t cover this story so Whaleoil will

by SB on May 7, 2019 at 8:00am

Sadly when Israelis are being killed, their houses destroyed and their lives under constant threat from terrorists the Mainstream media do not care. They only lift their head up to write an article when one of the countless rockets fired from Gaza lands in Gaza and kills their own children. Then the media rocks up to show the bloody corpse of the Palestinian child and claim that it was a rocket from Israel that caused the child’s death.

The best way for Whaleoil to bring you up to speed with what has been going on is to put together the below collection from social media as without it you would have no idea that anything of note was happening thanks to the disinterest of the mainstream media.

The problem with this is that New Zealand media had been covering this days beforehand.

Sunday 5 May:

Monday 6 May:

The local real media had moved on from this story by the time SB got around to saying something about it, feeding fake comments:

Ian: ” Thank goodness we have Whaleoil . . . MSM also starve us of any news from South Africa as well as Israel, unless it can portray white people and non-muslims as evil and aggressors.

WIN: “The first I heard about the attacks was a post on WO Backchat two nights ago, which prompted me to look at overseas news sources for info. Amazing it’s ignored by NZ MSM.”

John doe: “Well done SB. Please keep following up. The biggest event in the world in the last 34 hours and silence from our MSM. They are a disgrace and should be called out as such. I simply can not understand how they can not impartially report on this terrorist attack on the only democratic state in the region.”

avionz: “Thank you for keeping us up to date with this situation SB. Our mendacious media either avoid mention of Israel or spew biased propaganda. Thank goodness for the people on WO who think for themselves and are ready to point out the hypocrisy from our leaders, the media and the UN. Shalom.”

Sailor Sam: “This is not confined to NZ, the left wing propaganda machine that is the government owned ABC has no mention of it at all, lots about baby Sussex though.”

Also false.

All of those reports make it clear Israel reacted to rockets fired from Gaza.

Even The Daily Blog posted on the rocket initiated escalation days before WO:

There is plenty the media can legitimately be criticised for without making fake claims.